Neterra offers high-performance physical and cloud server rentals, colocation, rental software, and reliable IT services under the brand Neterra.Cloud.

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IT and telecom services of exceptional quality

  • Cloud servers with NVMe drives and the latest generation Intel Platinum processors
  • High-performance servers for rent
  • Private clouds
  • Cluster configurations
  • Hybrid solutions
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You can add to your data center services high quality and fast internet, cloud platform and other IT and telecom services.

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Neterra's cloud servers

Neterra cloud servers are a great solution for your mission-critical business systems and applications. you pay only for what you use, you rely on flexibility (increasing resources when needed), you can rent them without contracts and long-term commitment. Ordering and creating your cloud server is online, in minutes, 

quickly and easily, exactly with the parameters you need. Save time with pre-installed software and rely on high security. Neterra.Cloud is located in Sofia Data Center and uses Neterra's network to offer high-speed, highly secure, and secure connectivity. We guarantee the availability of the service with a precisely built SLA.

Dedicated servers

The dedicated servers guarantee you high-speed and reliable access to the Bulgarian and global Internet through Neterra’s network. You save your initial investment in expensive equipment, as well as operating costs for cooling, electricity, and hardware maintenance. You can use the service without contracts or any long-term commitment. You have full control and access to your server and also receive remote access through IPMI with a separate IP address. You can count on the

Neterra.Cloud team for a free initial consultation so that you choose the best and most effective solution for your needs.
All dedicated servers are located in Neterra Data Center, which is built according to specialized requirements for temperature, humidity, dust, uninterrupted electricity, Internet connectivity and more. All servers use high quality components. The machines are stress tested before being installed in the data center.

Protection against DDoS attacks

Protection against DDoS attacks

Neterra provides a reliable and comprehensive protection against DDoS attacks. Depending on the needs and nature of the client’s traffic, we provide a cloud-based security platform as a solution, a specialized hardware, or a combination of both.
The service is intended for business clients (banking and financial institutions, online media, electronic games and shops, websites, etc.) as well as for Internet providers.

  • How it works

    The distinction between useful and malicious traffic is based on both predefined templates and on the creation of a profile of our client’s traffic. Malicious traffic is filtered from our security platforms, and only the legitimate packages reach the customer.

  • Technical parameters

    Neterra's cloud platform can protect its customers from attacks larger than 1.8 Tbps. Both platforms protect our clients from Layer 3 to Layer 7 attacks.

  • What traffic it protects

    Our specialized hardware protects the client from attacks coming from both the international and the Bulgarian Internet space without further delaying the packages.

  • Operation mode

    Our client’s traffic can be permanently protected from the platform or only activated by the client itself when needed.

  • Notification

    The client has access to an online dashboard to administer his service, from which he can obtain a detailed report of all the attacks at the moment or back in time. In the event of an attack, the client is notified with an email or a text message.

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