We understand that broadcast master control and playout are complex operations where a large number of sophisticated systems must all work together flawlessly. We provide an integrated IP-based system as a service that delivers the required operational, technical and marketing functionality.

Neterra’s Playout solution integrates all the operational, technical and marketing functionalities required for the distribution of playout services, including multi-channel, multi-regional and multi-platform environments.

What we can do

What we can do

Channel playout - The audio/video broadcasting business is evolving, requiring different technologies and communications platforms. Neterra's Playout and Content Management solution scales from a single-channel application to a large multi-channel playout facility.

IP based playout system

We provide the best solution for distributing digital content over IP. This includes audio/video processing, logo insertion, static and dynamic graphics, subtitles and streaming - all integrated into a single server.

Multi-channel audio

Multi-channel audio

  • Support for different languages - each in a separate audio stream;

  • Timeshift broadcast if your content needs to be distributed to different time zones;

  • Live streams - Neterra's playout solution works with both pre-recorded content and live broadcasts. With the technologies we offer, you can freely modify your playlists, even when you are  on the air;

  • If you are an international operator, you can take advantage of broadcasting content-specific ads to a specifically targeted audience on the same channel at the same time;

  • Ability to insert logos and interactive graphics;

  • Full system redundancy and content protection - Neterra's playout solution includes main and backup servers, providing 1 + or N + 1 redundancy;

  • 24/7 monitoring, control and maintenance.

We deliver through:

We deliver through:

  • IP - Multicast, Unicast, RTMP, or other advanced protocols for reliable delivery of the source;

  • Terrestrial network- For DTT or other kinds of broadcasting;

  • Satellite;

  • Distribution to IPTV/ OTT platforms - We can add your channel to a platform build for you or deliver it to a third-party provider.

What we do

What we do

  • Processing of different types of audio and video codecs;

  • Automatic redundancy on multiple levels;

  • Subtitle insertion;

  • An option to edit the size and duration of video files;

  • Picture-in-Picture Support;

  • Scheduled insertion of graphics;

  • Support for DRM and CAS.

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Additional options

  • Level 1 and Level 2 redundancy - Level 1 redundancy covers the operating system and protects data through RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) plus redundancy at the level of network interfaces and connectivity;

  • Level 2 redundancy includes Level 1 plus additional server (s) in 1 + 1 or M + N circuits, depending on the scale of the particular project;

  • Our engineers are constantly monitoring the status of systems and applications, ensuring an adequate real-time response and the highest level of service availability in the event of a problem;

  • Segmenting the service for different regions
    Geo-blocking of the service for different regions;

  • Technological protection locates where the access to the Internet content is restricted based upon the user's geographical location.


  • Global connectivity;

  • World-class teleport and data center;

  • Management of the project by professionals;

  • Recommendations and best practices;

  • Segmenting the service for different regions;

  • High reliability at our data centers with dual and diverse power supply - your services are fully backed up at one of the most modern data centers - Sofia Data Center.

Additional services

Additional services

  • Playout Hosting - Colocate your equipment in our datacenter and let us deal with 24/7 multilevel monitoring, automatic switching to backup and delivery;

  • Recording of the broadcasts for archiving purposes;

  • Transcoding - If your content is not compliant with input file recommendations or you need to add several formats of output;

  • Additional storage space for NAS (Network Attached Storage) content - For additional protection of your content or in case you need more space for archiving purposes;

  • Control of audio levels in accordance with local regulations or audio levels of local television networks;

  • Channel Branding - We can create a logo and animated graphics for your project;

  • DVD, HDD, and FTP - supported media for the client’s content.

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