Remote VPN

By building a Virtual Private Network (VPN), Neterra provides you with secure, encrypted, private access to the internal network of the company where the office computers 

and servers are located. Thus, remote work becomes an easy and effective alternative so as not to interrupt the work process.

Private & Secure business connection by Neterra

One of the main advantages of the service is that it is activated in minutes. You just need to turn on the device at the address where you will use the service and make the first connection. Information is exchanged via encrypted tunnels - secure and private, no matter who the ISP is at the various connection points.

Working remotely

Working remotely

Whatever area of ​​contemporary life we ​​are talking about - business, institutions, online and offline commerce, there is no need for the administrative staff to be present at the office all the time. This also applies to all other professionals whose work is computer related.

Neterra's highly qualified staff find the most appropriate individual solution - and it can be both hardware and software, showing extreme flexibility to the client's capabilities and needs.

In doing so, the business provides its own encrypted, secure tunnels to pass data through a remote connection, regardless of which ISP is at each of the connection points.



  • High level of security of the transmitted information by encryption of the communication channel;

  • Individual account for each employee;

  • Speed ​​Profiling by Users - the ability to define different speeds for each account;

  • Determination of access rights to internal resources of the company for each user (authorization levels);

  • Plug and Play / Zero-Touch Deployment: The service is activated in minutes. You just have to plug the device into the socket and to make the first connection;

  • Only one device is needed for all accounts. Regardless of the place where your employees connect from, and no matter what ISP they use, the connection is secure and encrypted;

  • Proactive technical support;

  • The solution is available for all operating systems.

Why is Neterra your partner?

Why is Neterra your partner?

  • Capability to focus on your core business, leaving the care for the technical support in our hands.

  • Reduce your expenses for technical support of your systems and services.

  • Cut the need to dedicate time to search for resources and technical personnel. Neterra owns a dream team of highly qualified network professionals.

  • Professional consultancy for the most appropriate and effective solution according to your needs.

  • Capability for design and implementation of flexible solutions, responding to your specific needs.

  • 24/7 permanent monitoring of the systems and services, established early diagnostics process and troubleshooting, high service availability.

  • MyNeterra – client's portal where you receive constant access to information for the current status of your services, details and parameters.

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