DDoS protection

DDoS attacks directly affect your business. They can be used to cover up data theft, block incoming traffic to your website and stop it, as well as damage the operation of your internal systems. Neterra protects you through various effective solutions - cloud platform, specialized hardware equipment, a combination 

of both, and Smart Blackholing. The services are designed for both corporate clients (banking and financial institutions, online media, gamers and e-commerce, and any websites), as well as Internet Service Providers.

Neterra protects you from Layer 3 to Layer 7 DDoS attacks

The cloud platform can protect you from attacks larger than 2 Tbps. Our specialized hardware guarantees that you will be guarded by attacks from both the international and the Bulgarian Internet space.

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Business Clients

Business Clients

Over 50% of DDoS attacks are used to cover up someone's attempt to steal your data, money, intellectual property.

Neterra solutions protect you by separating useful from malicious traffic through predefined templates, analysis and profiling of the clients’ traffic. A security platform filters malicious traffic and allows only legitimate packages to reach your network. 

Neterra protects you from Layer 3 to Layer 7 DDoS attacks through a Secure Cloud platform, hardware solution - Firewall Protection and a combination of both.

The cloud platform can protect you from attacks larger than 2 Tbps. Our specialized hardware equipment guarantees that this will not introduce additional latency.


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  • Stops malicious traffic only;

  • Stops all sorts of attacks up to Layer 7 (including);

  • Secure Cloud – stops source attacks;

  • Stops high volume attacks (over 2 Tbps);

  • No additional latency for Internet services;

  • Compatible with other security services;

  • Tested DDoS protection solutions;

  • Individual DDoS protection solutions;

  • 24/7 proactive monitoring;

  • Instant notification – SMS, email;

  • Detailed report and history of attacks.

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Telecoms & Internet Service Providers

Telecoms & Internet Service Providers

Protect your business from malicious DDoS attacks with the only fully automated Blackholing service on the market - Smart Blackholing by Neterra!

When somebody starts a DDoS attack against you, Neterra automatically detects and redirects it outside your network before it harms your services, customers and reputation.

You have access to an online dashboard to administer your service, from where you can get a detailed report about current or back in time attacks. In the event of an attack being detected, you will be notified by SMS and/or e-mail.


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Comparison Without / With Smart Blackholing from Neterra


Smart Blackholing Advantages

Smart Blackholing Advantages

  • Automatic attack detection 

  • Automatic Blackholing filtration

  • Automatic recovery of the service after the end of the attack

  • Dynamic operation - filtering / passing

  • 24/7 proactive professional support

  • Monitoring system

  • Client portal for activation/ changes/ suspension of the service

  • SMS and email notification

  • Detailed statistics of attack by type and time

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