DDoS protection

Neterra provides reliable and comprehensive protection against DDoS attacks. Depending on the needs and nature of your traffic, we offer cloud security solutions, specialized hardware, and a combination of both.

The services are designed for both corporate clients (banking and financial institutions, online media, gamers and e-commerce, and any websites), as well as Internet Service Providers.

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DDoS Protection by Neterra

Neterra protects you from Layer 3 to Layer 7 DDoS attacks

The cloud platform can protect you from attacks larger than 1.8 Tbps. Our specialized hardware guarantees that you will be guarded by attacks from both the international and the Bulgarian Internet space.

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Business Clients

Business Clients

Technical overview

We separate the useful from the malicious traffic using predefined templates, as well as analysis and profiling of the clients’ traffic. Our security platform filters malicious traffic and allows only legitimate packages to reach you.

Neterra protects you from Layer 3 to Layer 7 DDoS attacks. The cloud platform can prevent attacks larger than 1.8 Tbps. Our specialized hardware equipment guarantees no additional latency.

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  • Stops malicious traffic only;

  • Stops all sorts of attacks up to Layer 7 (including);

  • Secure Cloud – stops source attacks;

  • Stops high volume attacks (over 1.8 Tbps);

  • No additional latency for Internet services;

  • Compatible with other security services;

  • Tested DDoS protection solutions;

  • Individual DDoS protection solutions;

  • 24/7 proactive monitoring;

  • Instant notification – SMS, email;

  • Detailed report and history of attacks.

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Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Technical Overview

Neterra solution stops all traffic to a specific IP automatically. There is no need for Neterra or the client to interfere. Neterra DDoS protection prevents ISPs from high-capacity malware attacks. The traffic is filtered either on the Neterra network or by the internet providers themselves. 

You have access to an online dashboard to administer your service, from where you can get a detailed report about current or back in time attacks. In the event of an attack being detected, you will be notified by SMS and/or e-mail.


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