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With more than 25 years of experience, Neterra proves to be the premier provider of innovative satellite communication solutions. The company provides a non-stop service provisioning, offering customers

24/7 operation and support.  Neterra has its own network for data, voice, and video transfer covering SE Europe and connected worldwide.


A very small aperture terminals that can be used on remote or owned locations for one or bi-directional communication links. We can build a star, mesh or combination of both networks depending on the project we have.

We do

We do

  • Satellite Uplink/Downlink: We provide end-to-end solutions for White label DTH for TV and Internet services, distribution and channel acquisition in redundant schemes for outstanding SLAs.

  • Satellite Backhaul: Designed for anyone, from mobile operators to local ISPs who wish to expand their reach and profitability to areas without terrestrial infrastructure.

  • Neterra's Sofia Teleport was built the year 2000 as the first independent carrier-neutral communications hub in Bulgaria.

  • The teleport has an antenna field with 3.7m and 4.6m uplink antennas in extended Ku-band and DBS bands.

  • We own a lot of C- and Ku-band professional Rx antennas with sizes from 1,2 up to 3,7m at secondary field with capability for automatic downlink redundancy (geographically separated antenna fields for high service availability).

  • Our engineers constantly monitor sources and processing capabilities of the whole system from input to demarcation points. They are proud of the completely developed and maintained by themselves M&C systems which provide detailed statistics and logging that can be analyzed at any time because they are instantly recorded in different databases.

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