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For over 27 years, Neterra has been a proven provider of innovative satellite communication solutions. The company guarantees continuity of services, 

24/7 availability and support. Neterra has its own data transmission network covering Central and Eastern Europe, connected to points of presence around the world.

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Neterra's teleports

Neterra owns two teleports:

Sofia Teleport &

Thracia Teleport.

The first is located next to the two data centers of the company in Sofia (SDC 1 and SDC 2).

Thracia Tereport is Neterra's latest facility for satellite communications, colocation / hosting of satellite dishes and transceivers, as well as communication and IT equipment.

Thracia teleport

Thracia teleport

Thracia Teleport is an independent provider of satellite communications services that owns more than 20,000 square meters of land for the needs of your upcoming or existing projects.

The site is located near Sofia in an area with low noise levels (without radio frequency interference). According to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), storms and precipitation from rain and snow are avoiding this location and the highest number of sunny days in the country is reported there.

Thracia Teleport is Neterra's latest facility for satellite communications, colocation / hosting of satellite dishes and transceivers, as well as communication and IT equipment.

Services for your business from Thracia Teleport

Services for your business from Thracia Teleport

  • Satellite Uplink / Downlink acquisition and transmit

  • Downlink a signal from one satellite and Uplink it to another (Turnaround)

  • One-time event or Occasional Use Services

  • Digital video broadcasting

  • Direct-To-Home Services (DTH)

  • Monitoring or active redundancy of existing services



  • No RF interference and the highest in the country number of sunny days a year.

  • Independent service operator.

  • Opportunity to provide redundant antenna field for critical applications through our second teleport in Sofia.

  • Connection to Neterra’s digital main station in Sofia Data Center - SDC, with access to scrambling systems (CAS) / descrambling, encoding, and decoding, multiplexing, EPG, PSI, playout and last but not least - access to the whole world through Neterra's global presence and connectivity.

  • 24/7 monitoring and assistance to improve your systems. We have created our own monitoring systems, which reduce the response time and provide you with an excellent level of service. We have not one, but three round-the-clock monitoring centers for the various points of the system - DVB, network infrastructure, and IT.

  • Flexibility - in Thracia Teleport you can use our equipment at competitive prices or collocate a host antenna or hub and your own equipment.

  • You receive professional services and assistance from highly qualified engineers, managers and public procurement specialists in planning and development of your projects.

  • Strong partnerships with suppliers and satellite operators.

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Neterra Sofia Teleport

Sofia teleport

Sofia teleport

  • Sofia Teleport was built in 2000 as the first independent communication hub in Bulgaria

  • It owns and operates antennas in C- and Ku-bands

  • The antennas are equipped with automatic anti-icing systems

  • The services are monitored by three independent monitoring centers 24/7, which ensures a high level of service and continuity

  • Access to over 2000 channels from satellite and terrestrial sources

  • The location near Sofia Data Center ( and the direct connection to NetIX ensure an even higher level of reliability and fast integration of additional services

Services for your business

Services for your business

  • Satellite Uplink, Downlink and Turnaround.

  • We provide complete solutions for White label DTH TV and Internet services, distribution, and acquisition of channels in a reserved scheme with an exceptional level of customer service.

  • Satellite transmission network - designed for anyone from a mobile operator to a local ISP who wants to expand their services and access without expanding their terrestrial infrastructure.

  • Sofia Teleport, built in 2000, is the first independent data center in Bulgaria. The teleport has an antenna field with antennas for signal transmission of 3.7 m and 4.6 m in the low Ku-, extended Ku bands.

  • Neterra has an antenna field, which is geographically separated at 75 km in a straight line from Sofia Teleport to ensure redundancy of the received signal. In this way a very high reliability of the services is achieved, which is independent of the bad weather.

  • The antenna receiving field is equipped with professional receiving antennas in the C- and Ku-bands, with antenna sizes from 1.2 m to 3.7 m.

  • Neterra can provide you with high-speed, broadband satellite communications for connection to the Internet or for private networks via VSAT (satellite terminals with low antenna aperture) in places where you have no alternative to connectivity. Whether it is for your business or for home use, we can build your connectivity.

  • The 24/7 monitoring and the short reaction time of our engineers in case of a problem are a guarantee for the availability of your services.

  • Our engineers are proud of the fully developed and maintained monitoring and control systems, which provide real-time monitoring and detailed recording of all necessary parameters for your services. All statistics are recorded in a database and can be viewed and analyzed for any point in time so far.


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