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Neterra is your partner when you need reliable and secure Ethernet connectivity to share information between your offices, connect to data centers, or work with virtual resources. The symmetrical speeds, the reliability and the proactive 24x7 monitoring make these services extremely relevant if data sharing is critical to your business.

The wide range of provided speeds gives you the opportunity to use exactly as much as you need. Low latency and loss rates are essential for your business applications, voice communications, or video conferencing.

Ethernet services help you to quickly and securely share information

How does it work?

Neterra provides a fully transparent Ethernet transmission in accordance with the Metro Ethernet Forum recommendations for Carrier Ethernet Services. Ethernet services provide a high-speed, high-quality and efficient solution for transfer of high-volume data.

The services are aimed at telecom operators and corporate clients with offices in the country and abroad that use common information resources. They receive guaranteed and secure data transfer, internal corporate telephone traffic, centralized Internet access, and video traffic.

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Ethernet & IP VPN Services (in Bulgarian)


  • A physical interface for access to many services and connectivity that you can use regardless of the needs of other customers. This allows you to plan and predict your resources according to your specific needs.

  • An environment, suitable for applications that are critical in terms of performance and data loss.

  • Transparent transfer that gives you the freedom to organize your IT infrastructure. The service is completely transparent with regard to the network protocols and addressing that you are using.

  • Low cost of sharing large amounts of information. Neterra gives you the opportunity to choose a service according to your needs. The speeds you can take advantage of are up to 100 Gbps.

  • Usage of an optical transmission medium for maximum quality. Neterra provides fiber optic services that meet the standards for embedded materials, performance, and maintenance.

  • Fully redundant network. All nodes in the MPLS network are connected to at least two optical paths in order to guarantee a 100% service.

  • Proactive control and maintenance of the network by Neterra's highly qualified engineering team. Neterra proactively monitors 24/7 the network and the service status, in order for you to use it seamlessly and to focus on your business.

  • There are highly-qualified certified specialists who are available around the clock to support you when there is a deviation in the quality of the provided services before you receive a signal.

  • Mandatory SLA for your services. We understand that Internet connectivity is extremely important to your business and, thus, we provide a binding support agreement for our services. The standard availability level of Neterra's Internet services is 99.7%. If we fail to meet it, we are will financially reimburse you.

Additional features

Additional features

  • Security of the service

    In order to keep your business secure, Neterra can provide security for your service by providing backup connectivity to your office.

  • Managed services

    In order to use your services seamlessly, to avoid big investments and to rely on qualified support, Neterra can provide you with the delivery, installation, configuration, and maintenance of equipment to your needs.

Why is Neterra your partner?

Why is Neterra your partner?

  • Neterra's backbone is based on Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology that delivers optimal solutions for our customers. Ethernet services are provided through a secure national and international backbone network that guarantees optimum security and availability of services.

  • Web-based, automated online monitoring system available here.

  • Notification of problems, registration, and recommendation for solving them.

  • Registration of actions taken to resolve the problem and notifications in a timely manner, alerting of the status of the problem which is to be solved.

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