Dedicated Business Internet (DIA)

Neterra offers dedicated business Internet access (DIA) to companies requiring a high-level connectivity service for their mission-critical business communications, applications and network." target="_blank" rel="noopener">Trustpilot

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With Neterra's DIA, you're SLA guaranteed to receive 100% of your bandwidth commit 100% of the time.

Complete solutions for your business

You can add to your data center services high quality and fast internet, cloud platform and other IT and telecom services.

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Where is the Neterra DIA service available?

Find some of the cities and counties where we provide DIA business Internet on the map below. Neterra's DIA service is global and available in over 180 countries. The latest fiber network that Neterra built covers Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

If you need service in an area not marked on the map, we'll do our best to connect you.

Get in touch to discuss your DIA requirements in more detail with an expert member of the Neterra team and we'll be happy to help improve your company's Internet connectivity.

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Benefits of Dedicated Internet Access

Excellent Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Excellent Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Our DIA services are guaranteed with a robust SLA.

Symmetrical  capacity

Symmetrical capacity

The download and upload speeds/bandwidth will always be the same with DIA - no bottlenecks, even during peak times. BIA offers asymmetrical speeds as it's not a dedicated connection.

Guaranteed speed / bandwidth

Guaranteed speed / bandwidth

You are guaranteed to receive the bandwidth you purchased, 100% of the time.

Round the clock support

Round the clock support

Round-the-clock proactive monitoring and incident management. 

Additional options

Additional options

Option to increase bandwidth; IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6); protection against DDoS attacks.

Improved protection and security

Improved protection and security

You’re avoiding the public Internet and not sharing your Internet connection with anyone else, you’ll naturally strengthen your cyber security position.

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Dedicated Internet Access by Neterra

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DIA vs. BIA (Standard Internet Access)

A DIA connection and a BIA connection differ in terms of price, performance, quality and uptime

DIA is exactly that - dedicated. The connection is dedicated entirely to you; downstream and upstream bandwidth between you and the Internet is fully guaranteed, so the quality and performance is near perfect.

BIA, is more like a Standard Internet access. It's usually shared between other customers; because you’re one of many, you don’t receive a dedicated service, but it is more cost-effective.

Get equal upload & download speeds with DIA

Why  choose DIA? 
If you’re looking for reliable and consistent connection speeds with guaranteed uptime, Neterra’s DIA solution is for you.

Unlike a regular broadband service, a DIA connection isn’t shared with anyone else, giving you guaranteed speed whatever you’re doing, whilst enjoying upload speeds that are just as fast as download speeds - no matter the time of day!

Who needs DIA?
Almost every industry would benefit from a DIA connection, like logistics, financial, retail, but in particular: 
- Small Medium Enterprises running demanding and heavy bandwidth-usage business operations 
- Small businesses requiring a reliable way to keep their business connected especially during peak business times 

Why choose Neterra to be your DIA provider?

1. We have a 26-year strong history; we are trusted by businesses and networks of all sizes with their global telecom services and infrastructure.

2. Our DIA service is available in over 180 countries.

3. Our DIA service is monitored via the Neterra online monitoring system (NOMS) enabling a real-time overview to check service utilization and proactively track service availability

4. Neterra offers both a managed and unmanaged DIA service allowing for product personalization

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