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Neterra provides connectivity services worldwide thanks to its international network with over 220 points of presence.

The company also owns a modern, fast, secure fiber network both in Bulgaria and in its capital, Sofia, on which it provides first-class telecom services to over 550 business customers.

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With Neterra you can benefit from:

- 220+ Points of Presence;
- Core backbone in 65+ countries;
- Award-winning connectivity in 100+ cities;
- Connecting 6 continents;
- 4 privately owned carrier-neutral data centers;
- Full spectrum of telco services.

International Network

International Network

  • Fast, always-on, resilient network connectivity;

  • Connecting customers on ports with speed up to Nx100Gbps;

  • Our robust network connects major cities across Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

  • Established cross-border interconnections to all neighboring countries as well as a very well developed network on the Balkans and connectivities to Central and Western Europe, CIS countries, North America and South America (Brazil);

  • Connecting BG/RO with BG/TR and BG/GR border via fully owned FO infrastructure, providing the shortest route for access to Asian and African operators;

  • An unrivalled extended global reach via partner agreements with major network service providers.

International IP Connectivity

  • The international IP connectivity of Neterra is based on both peering in Internet exchanges and IP Transit agreements.

  • Peering: Neterra exchanges over 70% of its international traffic via direct peering without transit providers in the following Internet Exchange Points: NetIX (Global), DE-CIX (Frankfurt), LINX (London), AMS-IX (Amsterdam), Equinix (Paris), VIX (Vienna), MIX (Milan), MSK-IX (Moscow), Netnod (Stockholm), BIX (Sofia) and Ronix and Interlan (both in Bucharest).

  • Major IP Transit providers: Direct connection with Tier 1 operators both locally in our own datacenter and globally in other PoPs - CenturyLink, GTT, Telecom Italia Sparkle, TATA Communications.

Content Delivery Networks

  • Neterra is connected to all large CDNs in the region (like Google, Facebook, Akamai, etc.). Some of them have chosen Neterra's data center to host their equipment and expand locally their content distribution. 

  • About 10% of Neterra's "international" traffic (30% of the web traffic) is generated by servers physically located in Sofia. This leads to significant improvement in web sites usability, because reaction time is reduced by several seconds per page.

  • Among the CDN providers' customers, located in Neterra are Adobe, Asus, Apple, Autodesk, Airbnb, BBC, CNET, Discovery, FOX, IBM, McAfee, Microsoft, MTV, NASA, NBA, NBC, Playstation, Red Hat, Reuters, Warner Music, Ubisoft, Yahoo.

Bulgarian Network

Bulgarian Network

  • The Bulgarian network of Neterra has ring topology which provides protected connectivity to all major cities.

  • Direct connectivity to all big Telecom operators in Bulgaria provides low latency access to all Bulgarian networks.

  • Neterra specializes in supporting business-critical communication – the services are of high SLA, the Network Service nodes and links are redundant and diversified.

Connectivity in Bulgaria

As a major wholesale provider, Neterra serves about 50% of ISPs in Bulgaria. Neterra has built a physical (cable) connection with all first level providers (own international network or own data centers). Every Bulgarian ISP uses some of these first-level providers for its international connectivity. Thus, Neterra reaches directly 100% of the Internet traffic generated in Bulgaria, without transit steps on the road, even within the country. For greater reliability, Neterra's clients are connected to two routers, that serve the Bulgarian Internet space – main and back up.

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