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Do you need Internet connectivity, secure data transfer for in-house applications, colocation, highly efficient cloud and dedicated servers, backup solutions and DDoS protection or other customized telecommunications solutions?

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For your needs, we offer telecommunications services that combine innovations and technologies with sector-specific expertise.

We have been working with various industries for nearly 30 and we know that essential to your business and reputation are services for the highest levels of security, reliability, and risk management.


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  • If you’re looking for reliable and consistent connection speeds with guaranteed uptime, Neterra’sDIA solution is for you.
  • You can rent dark fiber from us. We build a reliable and secure optical infrastructure that guarantees additional protection for your critical data.
  • You can choose scalable cloud servers and powerful dedicated servers for high security.
  • We offer DDoS protection which can be used to cover up data theft, block incoming traffic to your website and others.

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