The colocation service is the process of physically storing client’s equipment in a specially adapted for this purpose data center that meets certain requirements for room temperature, humidity, dustiness, uninterrupted power supply, Internet connectivity and more.
The service enables the company to focus on its core business, leaving the physical care of its

equipment in the right place and in the hands of professionals. Colocation is intended for all international and Bulgarian clients who want to ensure maximum security and continuity for their business, who want to take advantage of the high speed of Internet connectivity, equipment security, and power supply, and/or disaster resilience.

Colocation and all other Cloudware services are performed at the four data centers of Neterra

Sofia Data Center (SDC Sofia),

Sofia Data Center 2 (SDC Sofia 2),

Data Center Stolnik (SDC Stolnik),

Data Center Ruse (SDC Ruse).



  • Eliminating the need to hire network equipment specialists;

  • Better and faster access for Internet users to sites hosted on client servers;

  • Reduced electricity costs;

  • Authorized 24-hour access to client equipment;

  • Security and technical support - 24/7;

  • Account for monitoring the traffic used:;

  • Restart of the machines;

  • Free MX and DNS records;

  • Authorized access to the equipment according to the client's wishes;

  • SLA quality assurance agreement.

Additional services

Additional services

  • Physical interconnectivity with other operators (cross-connect);

  • Virtual interconnection with other operators;

  • 48V N + 1 power supply, reserved A + B in customer communication cabinet;

  • Larger communication cabinets: 60x100x200cm.