IPTV: Online Video Platform

More and more companies are creating their own video content that they use for business or marketing purposes. Neterra offers you a flexible online audio-video platform with which your

content reaches your customers and subscribers via the Internet. Each of the modules (Live / PPV; VoD; Linear Channel) is available separately, together or in combination, according to your needs.

Neterra provides you with an opportunity to create your online video platform with which to broadcast your content linearly (such as a TV channel), event (live) - at your chosen time, as well as provide video on demand (VoD), whereby the content is accessible from any device at a time chosen by the user.

Neterra provides a complete technical solution

Neterra provides a complete technical solution

  • Platform branding and protection - Branding with the logo and corporate styles of the customer. Watermarking;

  • Content Management and Protection - Managing a video catalog on paid or free bundles and categories. Watermarking;

  • Adaptive streaming - Video quality adapts in real-time to the speed of the subscriber's Internet connection;

  • Marketing - Posters, banners, and photos - everything you need to create and market your product;

  • Apps - The service is available to your clients using all popular operating systems (Android, IoS, Windows);

  • Detailed statistics - Number of users, unique visits, content viewing, sales, etc.;

  • Live Events (Live / PPV) - Live broadcast your sporting events, educational programs, business conferences, concerts and more. Provide your events for free, with subscription access (monthly or yearly) or a one-time payment for each event. Record your event and submit it as VoD;

  • Support - 24/7 support by highly qualified specialists;

  • IP geo-location - Territorial restriction or permission to distribute the content.

Live events

Live events

Stream live sports events, educational programs, business conferences, concerts, etc. Share your events for free, on subscription base (monthly or annual) or by one-time payment for each event (pay-per-view). Record your event and provide it as VoD.

Video on Demand (VoD)

Video on Demand (VoD)

  • Allow your users to access your video content at a convenient time and place selected by them. Utilize your business model by providing paid and/or free access to your content: movies, series, recorded concerts, shows, business, sports, educational, music, and other events.

  • Monetize your content with subscription base (monthly or annual) access or by one-time payment per video.

  • Manage your content in packages, libraries, catalogs, current, recommended or archived broadcasts and events.

  • Monitor your viewer statistics, payouts and unique visits to keep track of your subscribers' habits and attract new ones.

Linear Channel

If you are a media producing your own TV channels or want to create a new one on the Internet, Neterra Online A/V Platform is a quick and easy solution to reach your audience. With Playout, Neterra provides a solution to organize and manage your video content in a linear channel that you can brand, add subtitles, insert graphics, schedule ads, and more.

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