Event Streaming

We stream your events online. The world becomes your stage!


This is a service for live or recorded events, and it offers the opportunity for anyone who wants to host online events on their 


website or use any of the popular live-streaming platforms to reach a wide audience on the Internet. 

Streaming worldwide

When you organize and record an event, you need to submit your video signal to us, so Neterra can process and distribute your content over the Internet. The video signal is processed and distributed through Neterra's CDN, and the video is broadcast to end customers.


Neterra makes online events accessible worldwide

It is a comprehensive service that includes, in addition to video signal processing and distribution, internet connectivity and a video player provisioning that you can integrate on your website. If you need an online payment solution, you can use the one which Neterra.TV has developed.

Neterra is a telecom operator offering a wide range of telco services. As our customer through our developed infrastructure, you can achieve greater scalability and reach large volumes of end-viewers. We also provide 24/7 technical support.

If you need to video record your events, but do not have the professional team, we can provide you with such.

Also, check out our Playout-as-a-service as this can be a good match for your business needs.

For more information and technical details, you can contact our representatives or write to sales@neterra.net

Download information about all telecommunication services for events provided by Neterra

Telecom services for events



  • Low latency levels

  • High quality without buffering

  • Content protection

  • Watch on any device

  • 24 hours support

  • We provide a video player integrated with your site

  • Branding and Character Generator

  • Ads-free viewing

  • Statistics

  • Internet connectivity included

  • Online payment options

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