Layer 1 Services

Access high capacity, scalable, dedicated bandwidth to design, deploy, and manage fiber solutions.

Rent dark fiber or take advantage of our DWDM channel service. These solutions provide high-speed point-to-point, dedicated and transparent bandwidth between two customer-facing ports, located across the Neterra network.


Our DWDM service is the ideal scalable solution for companies with growing bandwidth requirements - it's fully transparent giving you greater visibility and control of your service for more effective network management.

Fiber and equipment are 100% dedicated to a single customer.

Neterra provides point-to-point packet data services through various technologies

  • Dark Fiber Rental

    Neterra provides you with the opportunity to get a dark fiber, as a prepaid subscription service. The provided optical fibers are each with a specification according to their type and are contained in separate documents provided by Neterra. Neterra’s endpoints support the following types of connectors: E2000 / APC, FC / APC, FC / PC, LC / PC, LC / APC, SC / PC, SC / APC.


  • DWDM Channel (Lambda)

    Neterra's DWDM Channel service is a solution that allows you to build a high-speed, transparent point-to-point communication channel with firmly allocated capacity and with client ports located at any point of presence within the network of Neterra. Technically, the service is implemented by explicitly channeling (wavelength, lambda) from Neterra's DWDM transmission infrastructure solely for the purposes of the customer. 

Dark fiber connectivity and DWDM channel service

Why choose Neterra as your partner?

Why choose Neterra as your partner?

  • Capability to focus on your core business, leaving the care for the technical support in our hands

  • Reduce your expenses for technical support of your systems and services

  • Cut the need to dedicate time in searching for resources and technical personnel. Neterra owns a dream team of highly qualified network professionals

  • Professional consultancy for the most appropriate and effective solution according to your needs

  • Capability for design and implementation of flexible solutions, responding to your specific needs

  • 24/7 monitoring of the systems and services with a well-established early diagnostics process and troubleshooting for high service availability

  • MyNeterra – client's portal where you receive constant access to information for the current status of your services, details and parameters.

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