Basic Audio-Video Services

This group includes the provision of IP broadcasts on television channels, complete or partial platforms for IPTV and DVB-C (depending on your needs), audio/video IP broadcast (live-streaming) and playout services. It also includes satellite services that enable the customer to receive and broadcast audio/video content. 

  • Distribution of content through optical and satellite channels, including CAS, Content Rights Management, Playout and Content Delivery Network, and Master Control Room;
  • Connection from different parts of Europe, covering all satellites;
  • PaaS (IPTV, OTT) platforms as a service;
  • Automatic confirmation of the broadcast, 24-hour technical support without a day off from the Network Management Center;
  • Professional network design, global deployment, and maintenance;
  • Management of the overall activity on your behalf.
Opportunities and benefits

Opportunities and benefits

  • Proven technology that can be implemented anywhere "today";

  • Special organization that responds with flexible options via satellite and optical channels;

  • Access to more than 2500 television programs from satellite and terrestrial sources;

  • Options for capital and operating expenses at client's choice;

  • Independence from hardware, software and satellite providers;

  • Network Management Center: up to 9 minutes diagnostics.

Digital platform for advanced audio and video processing

Digital platform for advanced audio and video processing

  • Аcquisition of TV channels – from satellite and terrestrial sources;

  • Encoding and transcoding subsystem;

  • Statistical multiplexing;

  • Streaming;

  • Playout subsystem;

  • CAS systems;

  • EPG generation and insertion subsystem;

  • Ad insertion and replacement;

  • IPTV middleware system.

Download more information and a diagram of our digital platform

More about Neterra A/V Services

24/7 Monitoring and technical support

24/7 Monitoring and technical support

  • Three separate 24/7 centers staffed with engineers specialized in transmission services, audio/video and satellite services, IT services.

  • Services are monitored through the Neterra Online Monitoring System (NOMS) and Customers have online access to it.

  • Neterra has introduced the Finite State Diagnostics with one simple belief: Diagnostics should take seconds and minutes not hours and days! Finite State Diagnostics brings real science to the dark art of problem discovery and resolution.

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