Netfleet is a GPS platform for tracking, controlling and analyzing moving objects. The service is NetFleet is suitable for companies that own vehicles (including cars, trucks, machinery, agricultural machinery, etc.). The platform provides real-time reliable information about the exact location of each vehicle and tracks

more than 50 indicators. These include fuel level and fuel consumption, driving direction, temperature and engine speed, acceleration, seat belts, speed limits, lights, when and how brakes are used, and etc.


Improves the driving style and reduces your costs by up to 20%

Netfleet: Track, analyze, optimize!

Benefits of Netfleet

  • The GPS monitoring platform is web-based, with a user-friendly interface, with the ability to export data, enter specific data and restrictions. It applies to different types of devices.

  • GPS tracking always lets you know who the driver is, what his speed and route is, when he enters and leaves certain areas. You will receive accurate data and a reminder of upcoming maintenance services on your vehicles.

  • Transmits data from the on-board computer to the GPS platform for actual consumption and fuel level in the tank, engine speed, temperature and more.

  • Excellent application in agriculture - it allows you to analyze data in decares or percentages for fuel consumed, for the amount of cultivated land, for the movement of the agricultural machine above the allowed speed in the block. You see the full picture of the taken action.

  • You can track the exact location and movement of people, pets, valuables, luggage and more through specialized GPS modules.

  • You get various reports for vehicles, drivers, zones and objects, tracking parameters that you can view in different formats or in another software.

  • You can optimize routes, driving habits and fuel consumption by reviewing the start and end of each trip, its duration, the distance traveled for a certain period and check for stops, the exact time and place of the idle time displayed in Google Maps.

  • 24/7 system maintenance. NetFleet uses all of Neterra's available resources for data transfer, storage and backup.

  • Neterra constantly improves the platform in accordance with the individual needs of its customers. As a result, NetFleet's capabilities are increasing, making it one of the most advanced systems of its kind in the world.

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