Privacy Policy

We do not collect personal information on our website.
The information we use includes website visiting times, access times, operating systems, browser versions and other information unrelated to the user. This data helps us to keep track of our visitors, for example what pages they visit and for how long time. With this information, we can improve the efficiency and composition of our website.
The information you leave at our website is used only to send you information concerning your choice for example in job seeking sections or when you send a question via this website. In this case, the information you submit is used only for this specific purpose, unless you agree otherwise or is stipulated by law. We do not share this kind of information with third parties and we make every endeavour to ensure the correct use of it, but we can not guarantee and we have no control over the networks of a third parties through which visitors send their information to our website.
This website provides hyperlinks, which take you to another website of our partners, not controlled by Neterra and for that reason we are not liable for use or disclosure of data, collected through these websites.