Broadband Business Internet (BIA)

Neterra provides you with access to a full range of international routes to the global Internet. We are an Internet Service Provider of other ISPs, providing you with a wide range of speeds, as well as Global IP Transit. 

Low latency and loss rates make the service suitable for your business applications, voice communications, or video conference calls.


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High quality broadband internet access and Global IP transit from Neterra:

Global coverage through a network of over 220 points of presence worldwide

New fiber network for business internet and connectivity services in Sofia and Bulgaria

Competitive price

24*7 support

Broadband Internet Access (BIA)

Broadband Internet Access (BIA)

When you need high-quality broadband internet at a reasonable price, Neterra offers you the golden ratio.

The service provides you with global coverage. It is designed for enterprises.

You can order broadband internet access (BIA) from Neterra in over 65 countries around the world, relying on 24/7 technical support.

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Difference between BIA and DIA

Global IP Transit

Global IP Transit

Global Internet access suitable for ISPs. Connection with Tier 1 transit providers and direct traffic from thousands of constantly growing Netеrra-connected peer-to-peer networks.

  • The most well-connected telecom operator in BG

  • Presence in 65+ countries, access to 30+ IXPs - 80%/20% peering / transit traffic, hence lower Round Trip Delay to 80% of the internet content

  • DDoS protection for ISPs - Smart Blackholing

  • customer portal - monitoring system

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)

  • Neterra is a preferred partner for alternative operators and has been supporting them for more than 27 years

  • Coverage of the service in Bulgaria and Frankfurt - Germany.

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We provide you with

  • High-speed, secure and reliable service tailored to your needs. You can take advantage of speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 100Gbps.

  • Use of optical transmission medium for maximum quality. 

  • Complete set of international routes using the principle of "direct connectivity". In addition to Tier1 vendor connectivity, Neterra has over 10 000 direct peers, enabling you to communicate through the shortest path to the sites you visit and ensure that your applications run smoothly.

  • Fully redundant network. We provide a connection to two independent routers for the international network and to two for the Bulgarian Internet space, in order to guarantee a 100% of the quality of the service.

  • Proactive control and maintenance of the network by Neterra's highly qualified engineering team 24/7.

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) for your services. The standard availability level of Neterra's Internet services is 99.7%. If we fail to meet it, we will financially reimburse you.

  • Public static IPs for your sites, servers or applications if you are using remote access to information in your office or just want to monitor what is happening in your absence.

Additional features

Additional features

  • Security of the service

    Neterra can secure your service by providing backup connectivity to your office.

  • Managed services

    In order to use your services seamlessly, to avoid big investments and to rely on qualified support, Neterra can provide you with the delivery, installation, configuration, and maintenance of equipment to your needs.

  • RIPE administration

    Neterra as a LIR (Local Internet Registry) can apply to RIPE-NCC and provide you with an Autonomous System Number or IP Address Space.

  • Protection against DDoS attacks

    Neterra provides you with reliable and comprehensive protection against DDoS attacks. We offer a security solution across a cloud platform, specialized hardware, or a combination of both.

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