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What we do

What we do

  • We deliver the fastest and the most secure Internet in Bulgaria for institutions, business customers, national and international telecoms;

  • We have 4 data centers where companies can deploy their equipment or rent servers, relying on Neterra for 24/7 IT services and support;

  • Through our Cloudware brand, we provide a cloud platform where our customers can outsource their business within minutes, and then use resources flexibly to meet their needs. We provide technical support, as well;

  • We track the location and more than 50 parameters of your vehicles through the Netfleet GPS platform. It is useful for trucks, cars, agricultural machinery, etc.;

  • We operate Neterra.TV - an interactive online platform for Bulgarian television and audio-visual content aimed at Bulgarians abroad;

  • We provide satellite solutions and ground satellite stations;

  • We offer satellite Internet for businesses and end-users;

  • We provide international connectivity - we have a network in over 35 countries worldwide;

  • We also have managed services for small, medium and large businesses;

  • We guarantee protection against DDoS attacks;

  • We provide IPTV solutions, professional television broadcasting equipment, full or partial audio-video platform development services tailored to our clients' needs;

  • Two of Neterra's brands maintain their own blogs – and Neterra.TV.

Neterra is a full member of the European Telecommunications Association ECTA (European Competitive Telecommunications Association), and the company manager Neven Dilkov is a Vice-Chairman of the board of directors of the organization.

Neterra is a member of the first level of the SEC (Electronic Communications Association), a member of BABTO – the Bulgarian Telecommunications Operators' Branch Association, as well as the British-Bulgarian Business Association.

Building Close Connections

Building Close Connections

This is our motto, our core business, and our mission. We expand the opportunities for communication between businesses and people. We invent and implement innovative solutions and technologies to make connections faster, more efficient, more reliable, more direct. We believe that the free communication of people around the world contributes to their happiness and success. Our dream is to be a driving force in making the world a more connected place.

We believe in

We believe in

  • in doing business honestly;

  • in the constant search for better solutions;

  • in everyone's potential;

  • in communication;

  • in our intuition about the market needs;

  • it is important what we can do, not what we have;

  • that our work leads to our customers’ businesses developing;

  • that change is a necessity, not an end in itself;

  • that we make the world a better place;

Take your

  • Neterra collocation at a competitive price and count on professional support;

  • Cloud and dedicated servers: easy to configure, fast to access, perfect for your business’ critical systems and applications;

  • Managed Services;

  • Defense against DDoS attacks, bigger than 1.7 Tbps;

  • Fast and reliable Internet;

  • GPS platform, which provides information about the location of each vehicle and tracks more than 50 indicators.

We are

We are

  • Creative (solutions, new services, new connections between people);

  • Sincere and people-orientated (with each other and with our partners);

  • Energetic and effective (everyday, anytime, in every situation);

  • Adaptable;

  • Reliable (in the quality of services we offer, as well as people on whom our partners can rely);

  • Honest;

  • Insightful (into the essence and meaning of things beyond the obvious);

  • Independent (in decision-making);

  • Visionaries (about the development of telecommunications and the market as a whole).

Management team

Neven Dilkov



Marinela Georgieva

Chief Operating Officer


Maya Kalcheva

Marketing & Communications Manager

Rusin Rusinov

Operations Manager, Sales

Pavel Marchev

Operations Manager, Technical

Sezgin Carib

Chief Financial Officer

Nikolai Chakinski

Manager Procurement of goods division and Product manager Colocation

Yordan Kritski

IP & Related Services Manager

Alexander Stoynov

Software Development Manager

Dean Belev

Product Manager Internet & Data

Tsvetelina Ivanova

Team Leader "Procurement of Services and International Sales"

Nikolai Zhelev

Head of Legal and Regulatory Policy

Zhivko Kyosev

Colocation Manager

Maria Rochkova

IT Services Manager

Vasil Marin

Network Monitoring Center Manager

Nikolay Dimitrov

Video Services Monitoring Center Manager

Desislava Gergova

Office Manager

Delegations of Authority


National Palace of culture - Sofia (NDK)

National Palace of culture - Sofia (NDK)

With this certificate, we would like to express our appreciation for the services provided by Neterra EOOD and the work of the teams we worked with.
The contract we signed with Neterra EOOD was aimed at providing services:
"Internet Access" and "DDoS Attack Protection", valid from 1st December 2017 until 31st July 2018, including the conduct of the Bulgarian European Presidency, during which Bulgaria received a very high praise for both political and technical presentations as a host. The joint complex solutions and continuous monitoring provided by the company prevented multiple attacks, and the services provided guarantee the reliable and secure operation and protection of the systems.

Our cooperation with Neterra EOOD during this period gives us a high appreciation for the quality of the technical services provided, as well as the professionalism and responsiveness of the company's employees. That is why we recommend Neterra Ltd. as a competent and reliable business partner.

WebIT Foundation

WebIT Foundation

Neterra was our partner and Wi-Fi sponsor of the International Innovation Festival, technology and entrepreneurship WebIT 2019. The event took place at the National Palace of Culture and attracted more than 15,000 visitors from over 120 countries, an increase of interest of 50% over the 2018 edition.
Thanks to Neterra, all visitors, exhibitors and startups of the festival had free, uninterrupted, reliable Wi-Fi and high-speed Internet during the three days of the fair.

We are impressed by the professionalism, experience and responsiveness of Neterra's technical teams, who ensured the smooth and successful running of the festival by ensuring connectivity.
We recommend Neterra as an experienced and reliable partner that provides high-quality services and works according to world standards.

Unimasters Logistics

Unimasters Logistics

The services offered by Unimasters Logistics depend solely on the continuous operation and flexibility of all the systems we use on a daily basis. In addition to our internal resources and efforts, we need to rely on our partners and suppliers for the success of our dynamic business. We chose Neterra amongst other companies because of the business impeccable reputation in the IT industry. We have been working with Neterra for over 10 years, and as a result of this long-term partnership, we have implemented many successful projects.

Neterra's IT team assisted us with building a comprehensive solution that is largely at the heart of our Call Center. We are extremely impressed with the professionalism and efficient work
of the company. Without any hesitation, we would highly recommend Neterra as a trusted provider of IT services and solutions. This is a company that you can count on 24/7 and thanks to which you can safely achieve your goals.

Neven Dilkov: We have introduced new services after the lockdown announcement



The first LEO satellite tracking system in Bulgaria.

Neterra has been named the best digital company in Bulgaria by the European Business Awards.

Company Manager Neven Dilkov joins the Public Council at MTITC for .bg domain management.

Neterra builds the first Data Center Park in Eastern Europe - SDC Stolnik.

Neterra provides DDoS protection for the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council.

The founder of the company Neven Dilkov becomes a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of European Competitive Telecommunications - ECTA. 

Neterra introduces Managed Services and adds to its portfolio myNeterra - an online portal for monitoring services.

It also announces a family of services for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The company enters the corporate market in Croatia and adds a point of presence in Zagreb - Altus DC.

For its 20th anniversary, Neterra has rebranded itself and organized Neterra Lab - a public event with an international partners' participation.

Neterra announces the new fleet management platform for optimizing operational costs NetFleet.

Cloudware introduces 24/7 IT services.

Neterra.TV celebrates its 10 anniversary as the preferred Internet TV for Bulgarians abroad.

Neterra introduces Playout-as-a-service and the Digital Headend platform.

The company opens a second point of presence in Frankfurt - InterXion Frankfurt4, аnd another one in Athens at the MedNautilius data center.

Neterra announces DDoS Protection services.

The company presents the first White Label DTH solution and in collaboration with the African Cable Television (ACTV), the service is launched in Nigeria.

Cloudware, Neterra cloud platform, won the prize in Start-up Business category at Forbes E-volution Awards.

Neterra became a reseller of DE-CIX services in Bulgaria and enables new members to connect easily to the Internet exchange point in Frankfurt.

Neterra and Telenor launched “W1”, a platform for satellite TV services that enable operators to deliver DTH services to end-users.

Neterra launches Cloudware - a cloud platform of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) type.

Along with 8 other organizations, Neterra founded Bulgarian Food Bank. 

The primary goal is the collection and management of donated food in accordance with the safety standards.

Neterra launches its new colocation facility, Sofia Data Center (SDC) - the newest in the region and the only one designed for a data center from the planning stage in the last 15 years.

A few months later SDC is nominated for New Data Center at European Data Center Awards 2011 and won Special Prize of the Jury at ICT Summit Eurasia Awards 2011.

Neterra now has an access point in Paris in the Equinix Telehouse Paris 2 data center, as well as in Amsterdam in the InterXion data center.

Sofia Teleport became the first satellite ground station in the region, to broadcast on the Astra 2C satellite, at 31.5°E.

BIX.BG - the first Bulgarian Internet Exchange Point chose Neterra's Sofia Data Center for placing its equipment.

Neterra started the IPTV service QUARTO in cooperation with the largest Bulgarian mobile operator Mtel. 

Neterra launches the largest DWDM optical data transfer network in Bulgaria.

It has coverage in all major cities in Bulgaria and provides up to 800 Gbps of data transfer capacity, which is far more than the capabilities of the entire optical network, operating at this time.

Neterra has been selected as the newest Verizon Business point of presence for Central and Eastern Europe.

The company completes its project for the first fiber optic cable crossing the Danube river's bottom.

The project connects Ruse to Giurgiu and includes fiber optic cables between the Neterra telecom center in the river city and Romanian operators across the water border between the two countries.

Neterra is selected as a partner of British Telecom in Bulgaria. The decision about Neterra collocating a point of presence marked the successful completion of two years of negotiations and one year of technical preparation.

Launch of Neterra TV - Internet television platform.

Neterra commissions the first stage of its largest project for the construction of an optical network through Bulgaria, which connects the European and Asian support points - Balkan Fiber Optic Ring or BFOR.

Neterra completes its national network for a transfer of voice and data.

The network of Neterra reaches major border checkpoints with Romania, Turkey, and Greece.

Neterra becomes the first Bulgarian telecom operator with an alternative connection to Turkey.

Neterra creates an international interconnection and a point of presence (PoP) in Frankfurt, Germany.

At that time the company controls approximately 1/3 of the whole Internet traffic in Bulgaria.

Construction of Sofia Teleport - the most advanced telecommunication facility in Bulgaria during that period. 

Neterra is a land operator of major international satellite companies - Loral Skynet, Telespazio, KB Impuls Hellas, Triaton.

Neterra is the first alternative operator of land and satellite stations in Bulgaria.

The company helps to establish the business of the first Internet providers in the market such as Orbitel, Spectrum Net, ITD Networks, Naturella (now Lirex), Internet Bulgaria, Elit Sat. 

At that time, Neterra achieved revenue and capacity growth of 30% per month on average.