Guaranteed and Redundant Internet, High availability Managed Routing solution

Superhosting.BG managed their IP services themselves, and complemented this service with one other supplier, but they knew they required a second service provider 

to help ensure their un-paralleled business offering. SuperHosting.BG selected Neterra’s “Guaranteed and redundant Internet, high-availability man-aged routing solution”. 

The Client

SuperHosting.BG is the largest hosting company in Bulgaria. They provide complete hosting solutions, domain registration, online platforms for developing web sites, and many other tools that help customers grow their businesses online. 

SuperHosting.BG provides secure web hosting infrastructure with 24/7 technical support for more than 200,000 websites, ensuring maximum security and top speed access with 99.9% uptime with zero compromise. The company’s number one priority is to provide constant and exceptional quality for all its services. 

The Challenges

The Challenges

As word spread about SuperHosting.BG, and their popularity increased, they experienced rapid growth. The services in place were now no longer strong- or resilient enough for this new business challenge. Superhosting.BG managed their IP services themselves, and complemented this service with one other supplier, but they knew they required a second service provider to help ensure their unparalleled business offering.  

SuperHosting.BG began looking for a supplier who could provide a secured and independent solution with excellent Internet-access, and sole-use high-performance routers. 


The Solution

SuperHosting.BG selected Neterra’s “Guaranteed and redundant Internet, high-availability managed routing solution”. Combining two high-class Cisco routers with full redundancy, provided SuperHosting.BG with guaranteed Internet connectivity from two independent providers ensuring excellent uptime. 

More specific to the service “Guaranteed Internet” is that SuperHosting.BG receives both local and international traffic. Furthermore, the technical support includes full hardware and software maintenance as well as the implementation of design for providing highly reliable IP services, used by the client. Neterra’s team monitors the equipment and provides full assistance in case of network problems 24/7 and regularly checks the channels to upstream suppliers and many other users. 

As experts in the telecoms industry for 25 years, Neterra was perfectly positioned to address SuperHosting.BG’s very specific requirements. As a result, Neterra’s proposed bespoke solution is tailored to the design, topology, and needs of the client with two routers, two power supplies, and two providers connected to each router; in other words – full, and total, redundancy.    


The result

SuperHosting.BG had a very clear vision of what its needs and requirements were which helped cement the partnership with Neterra. In the course of the work, Neterra’s team suggested substitution of the primary two routers for others, more powerful, so that the service would not be compromised in any way. The suggestion was accepted by SuperHosting.BG, because it was reasonable, effective, and based on careful preliminary analysis.   

This, of course, made a very good impression and once again strengthened Neterra’s reputation as а company which always strives to meet all high standards for quality and customer services. 

The cooperation between SuperHosting.BG and Neterra is definitive proof that even though the IT and telecom businesses can be very competitive, a mutually beneficial partnership is possible. Not only is the outcome good, but it’s beneficial for the market players and it enriches the business environment itself.  

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