Virtual Private Network

IP VPN services provide you with guaranteed and secure data transfer for in-house applications, centralized Internet access, voice, and video communications.

The service is based on the MPLS protocol. We configure a separate client domain (VRF) to which client ports are later attached. 

We provide a point-to-multipoint or multipoint-to-multipoint topology. Based on customer requirements, we use static or dynamic routing.

We use QoS privatization to differentiate between different types of traffic. In this way, we ensure the reliability of your mission-critical business applications and achieve cost-effectiveness.

Guaranteed and secure data transfer for in-house applications, centralized Internet access


  • An optimal solution that guarantees a reliable and geographically-distributed network;

  • Maximum protection against unauthorized access and external malicious influence;

  • Improvement of information sharing time, control, and management;

  • A thorough solution to your needs;

  • Speed-up and prioritization option for apps;

  • Integration of various software applications;

  • Low cost for end-user equipment;

  • Variety of speeds up to 100 Gbps.

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