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How did AdHash reduce its time delays for Bulgaria fourfold, and improve the overall speed of its ads?

Before working with Neterra, AdHash used the services of one of the world's largest cloud service providers (CSPs) to host their ads worldwide and to process the databases that their customers want to be taken over by AdHash Cloud service. The AdHash team observed delays in the range of 30-40 milliseconds for Bulgaria, which was inadmissible for their product, so they began looking for the fastest and most reliable solution for the Bulgarian market.

With the Neterra services, AdHash managed to reduce its time delays for Bulgaria fourfold, improving the overall speed of displaying ads. "Several million requests a day pass through the platform's Neterra.Cloud server. We have had zero downtime since the start of using the service, which is perfect and exceeds the expectations we had when we started using the service," said AdHash.

The Client

AdHash is the world's first advertising product that allows advertisers and publishers to operate entirely with first-party data. This approach almost totally eliminates the losses associated with the so-called ad fraud and provides complete transparency in the process of showing adverts, leading to 20 times faster loading times.  Furthermore it25 times lower commission and nearly 100 times less server requests required for serving advertising.

The Challenges

AdHash reviewed offers from many local and global providers. However, it proved to be that the global providers couldn’t offer a fast enough service due to their lack of data centers in Bulgaria, and so were quickly rejected.

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Case Study AdHash & Neterra