How it works

On the basis of both the preset templates and the preparation of a unique customer traffic profile, useful traffic is distinguished from malicious traffic. In the event of malicious traffic being detected, it is filtered out by the protection platforms and only legitimate traffic reaches the client.


The Neterra cloud platform can protect our clients from attacks larger than 1Tbps.

Our specialized hardware protects the client from attacks coming both from an international source and from within Bulgaria. Both platforms protect our customers from attacks fromLayer 3 to Layer 7.

What traffic is protected

The Neterra platform protect both from attacks coming from abroad and from within Bulgaria, without any delay in traffic.

The system of operation

The platform may protect customer traffic on a continuous basis or be activated only when needed by the client.


The client gets access to the online panel that administers the service, where you can get information and a detailed account of current or previous attacks.

In the event of an attack being detected, the client is notified by email and/or SMS.


General Terms
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