Sergey Burushkin: Cloudware prevents work stoppage due to server crash

Neterra is the official partner of Cloud Sofia Summit 2019 taking place today

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'Using cloud servers from Cloudware prevents your business from damages and losses as a result of a server crashing. System restoration after such an accident can be a long and difficult process and the losses can be significant. The cloud environment is designed to guarantee nearly 100% uptime. When clients are hosted on virtual machines, in the event of a problem, they can be migrated to another server in seconds without risk for their performance,' said Sergey Burushkin, a product marketing expert at Neterra.

He made a presentation on the theme: ‘Cloud or collocation. Business Benefits’ at Cloud Sofia Summit 2019, held today at Sofia Hotel Balkan. The organizers of the conference are ICT Media and ISACA Sofia Chapter, and Neterra is the official partner of the event.

Sergei also spoke about other advantages and benefits of cloud services provided by Neterra under the Cloudware brand. He highlighted the opportunity to quickly increase and reduce resources: 'When you have your own server, increasing its productivity is about time and money. With Cloudware, it's an easy process embedded within the platform itself. Increasing and decreasing resources is fast and the clients only pay for what they use.' Cloud technology, he said, gives smaller companies the opportunity to be equal to larger ones without having to invest in their own data centers and maintain large IT departments.

Another benefit is saving on initial investment – no need to buy a server, pay for space, electricity, physical security, insurance, and air conditioning, or cover the cost of ongoing maintenance. The costs are reduced to a monthly fee, which is fixed.

The near-zero investment of deployment time compared to the deadlines for building your own physical server is also a factor in choosing cloud services. 'Apps that are critical to the success of your business can be online almost immediately,' added Sergei.

He also spoke about the high levels of security, standards, and rules that apply in Cloudware to protect customer information. In addition to regularly updating the software responsible for virtualization, there are many mechanisms for encrypting information, storing it in several places to prevent it from being lost, using two-factor access authorization, VPNs, etc.