Neven Dilkov – Member of the Board of Directors at ECTA

Neterra Ltd. is the first Bulgarian participant at the European telecommunications organisation.


Neven Dilkov was selected to become a member of the Board of Directors at ECTA (European competitive telecommunications association). This is the first time when a Bulgarian telecom operator joins organization, similar to ECTA. The nonprofit organization, consisting of alternative telecom operators, aims to promote telecom competition in Europe. ECTA is a 20-year-old association, which collaborates with all the national regulatory and legal bodies in Europe. These European bodies include BEREC (Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications), European commission and other regulatory and industry organizations.

„The fact that I was selected to join the Board of Directors at ECTA makes me feel really proud and widely recognized. Europe is not a Single market place anymore, as many of us would have preferred it to be. My personal goal is to increase the small and medium telecom operators' visibility in Europe. My understanding is that small and medium businesses are the ones that keep the country`s economy alive, increase the living standard, improve the services' quality and maintain good competition levels.”, commented Neven Dilkov, Managing Director at Neterra.