Neterra's network and all operations work normally

Despite the increasing workload of telecommunication infrastructure worldwide, all Neterra services are operational and support teams are ready to roll


Neterra works relentlessly, delivering professional services, supporting your business! 

The health, safety, and success of our customers, business partners and employees are a top priority for us. While our team of highly qualified professionals is working at full speed to maintain and develop the services provided, we would like to inform you about the steps and work procedures undertaken by Neterra in the state of emergency in Bulgaria.

Providing critical international connectivity is the focus of our business. We have both a technological infrastructure to support any contingency planning and a lean, fast and efficient internal organization.

The following additional measures have been put in place to deal with the complicated situation of Covid-19:

•The support teams are divided into separate groups. They are working on shifts, without physical contact with each other.
•During the state of emergency, we provide to our colocation customers hands-on site support without additional fees.
•When there is unavoidable, pressing need to visit our data centers in person, we measure each visitor’s body temperature remotely. If someone’s temperature is above 37.2 C or the person has visible viral infection symptoms – a runny nose, cough, etc., the access will be prohibited.
•All customers, admitted to the Neterra premises, are provided with a protective mask that they are obliged to wear. In cases of prolonged stay, a new mask is provided every 2 hours.
In addition to the instituted sanitary and hygiene safety measures for Neterra's employees, we have restricted personal meetings, unnecessary travels and in-person communication with customers and business partners, except in urgent situations. We have also provided a home office opportunity to our employees. This does not disrupt the flow of our work. You can always contact us via e-mail, telephone, and any online and remote conference communication platforms. We are available for collaboration with you. We are online!