Neterra stopped nearly half a million DDoS attacks in 2022

The company offers comprehensive solutions for IT service, backup and cyber security, internet, data center and cloud services


The global telecommunications company Neterra protected its customers from 488,151 DDoS attacks in 2022. To do this, the company implemented various effective solutions that include a cloud platform, specialized hardware equipment, and a combination of the two. Of the total number of attacks, the cloud platform stopped 135,590 and the hardware stopped 352,561.

DDoS attacks aim to disrupt (wholly or partially) user access to the services or equipment of a specific company targeted as a victim. Often, for example, the victim's website becomes unavailable, loads slowly, returns errors.

While the company is under attack and struggling to restore normal operations, the perpetrators take advantage of the breach to gain access to its resources. Most DDoS attacks aim to steal data, money, or intellectual property.

Customers of Neterra's DDoS protection service can monitor statistics of attacks against them in real-time through the unified monitoring system, as well as make periodic inquiries, for example - the number of attacks daily, monthly, and annually. They can also see what each of the attacks looked like.

In addition to protection from DDoS attacks, Neterra offers complete solutions for enterprises both for cyber security such as backup and ransomware protection and for connectivity – dedicated Internet access (DIA), data center and managed services, IT service and resource rental.