Neterra presented its IPTV platform at IPTV Forum Eastern Europe & Eurasia 2010 in Istanbul

Neven Dilkov, Managing Director at Neterra, presented the IPTV platform developed by the company in front of telecom operators, content providers and representatives of technology companies from IPTV sector.

Mr. Dilkov focused on partnership models between Neterra and Internet providers or Cable Tv operators, which have been successfully applied by the company to provide IPTV services to the end customers. Presented in details, the new IPTV platform allows video content to be acquired, prepared, encoded, stored and distributed to Neterra partners as live content and video on demand.

The platform incorporates statistics module, billing, CAS (Conditional Access System), EPG (Electronic Programing Guide), nPVR (Network Personal Video Recorder), modules for measuring the quality of the video signal and monitoring of the entire system, Catch-up TV (TV shows automatic records), cinemas and theaters schedules. In the development stages are Time shifting module (allowing to pause, rewind and then forward live TV) and modules for paying utility bills, reading news, checking out the weather forecast and traffic reports and food delivery services module. The platform will also support Google TV.

The IPTV Forum Eastern Europe was developed as a direct response to the rapid growth in the marketplace, bringing together operators, technology partners and content providers to explore and define the IPTV evolution. Strengthening the relationships between them will help to further develop the market.