Neterra handles 1/3 of int'l Internet traffic to Bulgaria

Telecommunications operator Neterra claimed 1/3 of international Internet traffic to Bulgaria a month after the launch of its landline telecom channel which links Sofia to Rousse and global telecom networks. Neterra provides international backbone connectivity for 1/3 of overall incoming Internet-based traffic via a high-speed communication channel, constructed under a project co-funded by United Bulgarian Bank and Interlease, both divisions of the National Bank of Greece.

Neterra's communication channel is linked to the networks of neighbouring Romania with a 622Mbps capacity and so far represents the only alternative for international terrestrial connectivity to the network of the privatised national telecom.

Neterra's high-speed communication channel is used by Bulgaria's mobile operators Mobiltel and Mobikom, BTC Net, Internet providers Spectrum Net, Orbitel, Lirex Net, Macedonian operator Sonet and others.

The communication channel is linked to I.T.E.N.O.S.-Frankfurt, one of Europe's largest telecom hubs, via a fibre optic cable accross Romania. In case of a failure, Nettera offers full backup of its services via satellite connections.

In 2003, Neterra designed and constructed the national VSAT networks of bTV and Nova Televizia. Neterra is Bulgaria's only telecom operator holding a European license for Satellite News Gathering.