Neterra fulfills its promise for high level of support and service

The European Competitive Telecommunications Association - ECTA, will organize a series of Country Focus conferences, the first of which will be for Bulgaria


Staying at home and working remotely has increased internet consumption worldwide. Bulgarian TV Channels Bulgaria On Air and Bloomberg TV spoke with Neterra founder and CEO Neven Dilkov to find out how the company is dealing with this situation.

"At the beginning of the state of emergency, we officially came out with the position that for us the situation is Business-as-usual - we work in the same way and customers expect from us the same level of support and service," said Neven Dilkov.

Neterra manages to deliver on this promise and, in the meantime, all the communications within the company have been transferred online.

For some customers, new challenges have emerged. Neven Dilkov gives an example of the “” platform for online video education. Its manager decided to give free access to all students to watch lessons online. This increased the use of the platform dozens of times. For that purpose, Neterra's team have had to re-design the entire network and infrastructure of within days.

Bulgarian Telecom is also starting to provide new services - the platform for GPS tracking of moving objects Netfleet can now report toll points for trucks; new backup and cybersecurity solutions are also being introduced.

As part of the management of the European Competitive Telecommunications Association - ECTA, Neven Dilkov talks about a new initiative of the organization - ECTA Country Focus. It envisages holding a series of half-day conferences in each European country, with the pilot project being for Bulgaria.

Important topics related to the development of the telecom market will be discussed at this forthcoming ECTA conference, with a focus on Bulgaria. Participants will include regulatory, parliamentary, NGO, and mobile operator representatives, among other business representatives.

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