The tech conference is dedicated to the individual freedom in today’s digital world, which will be held on 24th April 2018 at Sofia Tech Park.

Neterra is supporting this year’s LibertyBits

Tickets are already in sale. All Neterra friends and partners who would like to participate in the event, are granted a 30% discount using a promo code: NETERRA.

The conference is unique for Bulgaria and is aiming to make the country a popular venue for such technological events and to be informative and helpful and economically effective. The topics are inspired by:

  • Blockchain technology and cutting-edge financial and non-financial blockchain-based projects enabling the functioning of cryptocurrencies and acting as a trustless consensus mechanism between two interacting parties without the necessity of interference and mediation of a third one;

  • Free Software & Privacy with a focus on protecting our privacy in today’s digital age against the attempts of companies, organizations, and institutions to restrict it and/or deprive us of it;

  • Life off-the-grid or how we can effectively use alternative energy sources for private and business purposes so as to break free from the dependence on existing energy providers without compromising our quality of life and comfort.

Nikolay Chakinski, a Business Development Manager at Neterra, will present some opportunities to develop an environment for blockchain-based projects in Bulgaria. The conference speakers represent a well-balanced mix of esteemed experts from young but already renowned Bulgarian blockchain and off-grid companies and of reputable international activists and advocates for freedom of speech, human rights and individual privacy in today’s environment of government, institutional and corporate surveillance.

40 % discounts for groups of 4 or 5 people are provided by the organizers as well as promo codes granting discounts for school and university students, and financially challenged individuals. For corporate ticket purchases, a direct contact with the organizers is recommended at


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