Neterra.TV: Expanding into new global markets

Neterra.TV customers are Bulgarians who live all around the world. The company has been able to expand its services 

in the Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America and provide exceptional quality services in partnership with Lumen.

The Partner

'We chose to work with Lumen for our global network mainly because it provided the best match for our requirements, in terms of service levels, availability and geographical coverage', said Emil Stojnovsky, Product Manager of Neterra.TV. 

The client

Providing TV and video content to Bulgarians abroad
Founded in 2004, Neterra.TV is the first television platform serving Bulgarians abroad. It provides high-quality live and on demand Bulgarian TV and video content to Bulgarians living in other parts of the world, and is available on laptop, tablet, mobile phone or TV. It offers a rich video library of movies, music and TV programmes
including the most popular Bulgarian programmes as well as exclusive content.

The challenge

The challenge

Moving into new markets without up-front investment

With Bulgarians living all around the world, Neterra saw an opportunity to expand its offering into the Pacific region, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

However, it did not have its own infrastructure in place to be able to offer 4K and Full HD services to users in these areas. The company decided instead to look for a partner to help it distribute content in these parts of the world, without needing to make the significant investments required to build new infrastructure

The Solution

A CDN with superb quality and a global footprint

“Lumen was already providing other services for our company,” said Emil Stojnovsky, Product Manager at Neterra.TV. “It was already a trusted partner for our business, and we had a good relationship with our contacts and knew we could work well together.

“We believed Lumen was able to provide the high quality and global coverage that our business needed, so we decided to begin a trial in these regions – and we were very happy with the results.”

Lumen CDN services provide Neterra with fast, secure, reliable content delivery to its end users over a massive global network. Content, information and customers are protected through an inherently secure IP infrastructure.

The benefits

Accessing new markets with a high-quality, scalable service

With Lumen as a partner, Neterra has been able to expand its business into new regions (MEA/APAC/LATAM) and acquire new customers. Lumen’s service is highly scalable, and can grow with Neterra’s business without disruption or loss of quality. “As we acquire more customers, we know we can easily increase our services with Lumen,” said Emil.


 At the same time, it has significantly improved the quality of service it provides to its end users, boosting its appeal to both new and existing customers. “Before we started working with Lumen, we could only provide Full HD and 4K to 20% of our customers in these regions,” said Emil. “That figure has now risen to 80%, which we are very happy with – and so are our customers

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