Neterra.TV: Expanding into new global markets

Neterra.TV customers are Bulgarians who live all around the world. The company has been able to expand its services 

in the Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America and provide exceptional quality services in partnership with Lumen.

The Partner

'We chose to work with Lumen for our global network mainly because it provided the best match for our requirements, in terms of service levels, availability and geographical coverage', said Emil Stojnovsky, Product Manager of Neterra.TV. 

The challenge

The challenge

Neterra offers services in the Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, but does not have its own infrastructure in these parts of the world. This is the reason it cannot offer the highest quality. The investment in building new networks is large. Fortunately, Neterra.TV found a solution to this problem in partnership with Lumen.

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Neterra.TV & Lumen

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