Streaming platforms are another door to art

Neterra.TV + successfully partners with content creators and cinemas, makes cinema more accessible and gives better choice to viewers


Streaming platforms such as Neterra.TV + partner with content creators and cinemas in Bulgaria. They coexist, coordinate adequately with each other, and give better choice and opportunities to the audience to interact with art. Maya Kalcheva, marketing manager of the streaming platform Neterra.TV +, Nikolay Yordanov, creative producer, editor, screenwriter of TV shows and lecturer at National Academy of Theater and Film Arts, and Hristo Hristozov, program director of the House of Cinema, united around this opinion.

They discussed the topic "Cinemas vs. streaming platforms” in the podcast “Cinema with words” on the Bulgarian short film platform No Blink.

"The development of technology, the change of humanity and its communication created new channels and opportunities for art to reach people. This is a way for the authors to communicate through a different environment. The Internet created an opportunity for another type of choice - to watch when you want, in an environment that is convenient for you, with people you have chosen. For me, streaming platforms are another step, another path, and another door for art," said Maya Kalcheva.

According to Nikolay Yordanov, there are positives in both experiences for bringing emotion and good moments. He reminded the predictions that cinema will destroy the theatre and literature. This did not happen, so in his opinion, we must take advantage of both cinemas and streaming platforms.

"We have already seen several festivals that took place in a hybrid version. The Master of art documentary film festival started last year with an online edition. This did not prevent the projections on the big screen. On the contrary - it created an additional recognition of the festival among many people who otherwise did not know about it. Traditionally, art cinemas and similar niche festivals take place only in larger cities, where there is a resource for this, and the broadcasting in the streaming platform Neterra.TV + gave accessibility throughout Bulgaria. The situation was similar with Sofia Film Fest and CineLibri. Master of art is currently running on the Neterra.TV + platform extremely successfully, but we also receive inquiries “When will we watch it on the big screen“. So, both are partnering very successfully," added Hristo Hristozov.

Podcast participants commented that a real problem exists between pirated and regulated content. Piracy distribution platforms provide content for free, with poor quality, they rob the authors and create an expectation among users that everything should be available immediately free of charge.

"The viewers decide how, when, if and why they want to use the content. The role of the platforms, cinemas, and festivals is to look at its audience, to ask them what they want, what they need, and to give it to them," said Hristo Hristozov.

Maya Kalcheva raised the topic of how modern technologies shorten the time in which one can concentrate and how the behaviour of young people in front of the screen changes. Nikolay Yordanov commented on the tendency nowadays the interest in mass events and concerts to decrease.

Listen to the whole discussion here (in Bulgarian).