Neven Dilkov: Technologies and the new way of working will remain after the pandemic

ecta works with the EC, the EP, and each national government to have good conditions not only for large but also for small and medium telecom operators


Video conferencing platforms have experienced a stellar moment since March 2020. The new way of working created through them will remain after the pandemic, commented Neven Dilkov, manager of Neterra and chairman of the board of the European Competitive Telecommunications Association ecta, in the show "Business Start" on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

However, the rise of video conferencing businesses is not the only indicator of market change: “Things that happened helped us assess the importance of having a stable and good telecommunications market. We realized how inseparable telecom services have become from our work, from our daily and social life”.

Neven Dilkov expects in the coming months Bulgaria to create conditions for the emergence of virtual mobile operators (MVNO). MVNOs are available in all other European countries. In France and Spain, for example, they are very widespread and offer innovative services, stimulate competition, delight consumers, and enrich their lives.

The reason they are missing in Bulgaria is that the three mobile operators there are reluctant to allow MVNOs to work on their networks and sell mobile services. In other countries, this problem is solved in different ways. Most often, the regulator has taken measures to enable small and medium-sized operators also to sell mobile services.

"In the countries that have created conditions for small and medium-sized operators to develop and take their place in the market, most investments have been made in quality networks to the end-user," said Neven Dilkov, citing analyzes by the European Competitive Telecommunications Association ecta.

For more than 20 years, ecta has been working with the European Commission, the European Parliament, and other institutions on this cause - the creation of reasonable regulations that would allow the existence of a competitive market for telecom services in all European countries.

In the interview for BloombergTV - Bulgaria Neven Dilkov also spoke about the development of 5G technologies. He shared an interesting, well-argued position on the ban on the use of Chinese equipment in some EU countries.

See the full conversation here (in Bulgarian).