Neven Dilkov is the New Elected Chairman of the Society for Electronic Communications

Neven Dilkov, Managing director of Bulgarian Telecom Neterra, was elected unanimously for Chairman of the Board of Society for Electronic Communications (SEC) at the Annual general meeting of the organization. So far Mr. Dilkov was Vice-Chairman of the Board.

For the last eight years Theodore Zahov, CEO of Spectrum Net, has initiated activities with great contribution to the establishment and development of non-discriminatory and fair competitive polices on the electronic communications market. There is complete continuity in SEC management policy and Mr. Zahov will continue working for the association as a member of the Board.

"To be elected unanimously is a great honor. It is an act of mutual trust and demonstrate Neterra strong position among the alternative telecom operators in Bulgaria," commented Mr. Dilkov.

"Neterra supports the fundamental principles of fair and equal competition. The Chairman of the Board is not only a noble position, but it is also closely associated with various tasks and hard work in favor of the SEC and its members," added Mr. Dilkov.

About SEC

Society for Electronic Communications is an industry organization of the alternative telecom operators in Bulgaria.

SEC actively defend networks neutrality and consumers' rights to free and full access to the Internet and to all the achievemens of technical progress in communications.

SEC members are the representatives of all the leading alternative operators in Bulgaria. The activities of the organization are concentrated in the field of telephone services, broadband Internet access and Internet services as a whole, WIMAX technology, cable TV, IPTV, high speed data transfer and etc.