Neven Dilkov for Hot Telecom: "The key words today are diligence and flexibility"

What is unique about Neterra is that it has specialists in every technological field of telecommunications and can offer the most modern solutions in situations such as the current one


"The key words today are hard work and flexibility. There is nothing better than a crisis for the hardworking and flexible organizations out there. They will always find the way out and the good solutions for their customers." said Neven Dilkov, founder and CEO of Neterra, in an interview with Hot Telecom.

"The global pandemic that hit us this year is something no one expected. We were quite surprised and unprepared, but we had to change and adapt very quickly. Together with our engineers and product managers, we focused our efforts to find the best solutions for our customers.” added Neven Dilkov.

According to him, the fact that Neterra is a telecommunications operator with a full range of services has helped the company to deal with the situation quickly. What is unique about the company is that it has specialists in every technology field of telecommunications: network engineers, IT specialists, people that can pull cables, satellite engineers, radio relay tower engineers. “We have people that can work and find the solution using all the technologies that are available in the telecom industry today,” said Neven Dilkov.

Thanks to this wide scope and specialized teams, Neterra manages to offer much more to its customers, being more flexible in situations like the current one.