Neterra's partner, NetIX, is expanding its global presence

The high-speed data exchange platform added new points of presence around the world, increased its capacity and connected to more Internet exchange hubs


NetIX - a global platform for connectivity and internet exchange, part of the Neterra’s group of companies, has expanded its presence in the South American market, in Europe, Russia, and the United States. This has greatly increased the ability for NetIX members to connect and exchange high-speed data with new internet exchange hubs and data centers in Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, Amsterdam, Florida, Moscow, Ashburn, and Madrid.

NetIX added two new points of presence in Brazil to its portfolio - in Rio de Janeiro and in Fortaleza. The company expanded its South American footprint also with - the Brazilian Internet Exchange Point as a connected IXP.
In September, NetIX added two other Internet exchanges to its network - Speed-IX in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and FL-IX in Florida, USA.

At the same time, NetIX upgraded its presence and increased its capacity in Moscow - Russia, Ashburn - USA, and Madrid - Spain.

“Peering is a popular and widely used connectivity medium in Europe and in the past couple of years, this trend has risen very sharply across South America; more ASNs are being registered than ever before in Brazil and networks are looking for better, faster and more cost-effective ways of accessing and sharing content,” said Fabricio Costa, Regional Director of South America at NetIX. He continued, “NetIX’s unique Global Internet Exchange solution is what many Brazilian networks are looking for - they can easily access harder-to-reach and niche IXPs in Europe through NetIX via just one port and one cross connect.”

About NetIX

Our next-generation network accelerates the Internet; we connect content creators with users faster, cheaper, and more directly than ever.

Our network stretches across more than 150 global data centres in 65 cities from 35 countries. It connects our 140+ members to content from 6,000+ visible networks and 30+ Internet Exchanges.

NetIX offers the best possible Internet connectivity: our members can directly exchange traffic with peers, giving their end-users faster page-load times on 90% of the most popular sites.

Our members include Internet service providers, broadcasters, telecoms operators, and content delivery networks - all the peers your tenants need to access!