Neterra upgraded its PoP in LINX

NetIX helps improve Neterra’s access to UK-centric traffic


Neterra upgraded its London Internet Exchange’s (LINX) peering connection, due to the high volumes of traffic traveling across Neterra’s network during the lockdown. The access to LINX has been raised from 1G to 4G to help lower latency, reduce IP Transit costs, and improve resiliency and redundancy.

The improvement came thanks to a partnership with NetIX, the leading global distributed platform for connectivity and peering solutions. As an official ConneXions reseller partner of LINX, NetIX provides a remote peering connection into the Internet Exchange negating the need for costly investment in infrastructure to access the Exchange.

Neterra has 68 points of presence in 24 data centers in more than 20 countries, connecting 4 continents. The Bulgarian telecom operates 4 own carrier-neutral data centers and offers full-spectrum of telco services.

The international IP connectivity of Neterra is based on both peering in Internet exchanges and IP Transit agreements. Neterra exchanges over 70% of its international traffic via direct peering without transit providers in the following Internet Exchange Points: NetIX (Global), DE-CIX (Frankfurt), LINX (London), AMS-IX (Amsterdam), Equinix (Paris), VIX (Vienna), MIX (Milan), MSK-IX (Moscow), Netnod (Stockholm), BIX (Sofia) and Ronix and Interlan (both in Bucharest).

Neterra is connected to all large content delivery networks in the region. Some of them have chosen Neterra's data centers to host their equipment and expand locally their content distribution.

As a major wholesale provider of connectivity in Bulgaria, Neterra serves about 50% of the local Internet service providers (ISP).