Neterra.TV with new functional mobile app

This month the TV platform will please its subscribers with prizes


This month Neterra.TV has prepared two surprises for its subscribers – a mobile app and a game with prizes. The mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play for Android users and from App Store for those who use Apple. The app will help customers to access the most important functions on Neterra.TV even more easily. They will be able to find all the familiar TV channels live, the video content with TV series and show programs, the TV schedule and the event calendar for Bulgarians living abroad. The only specification of the mobile app is that will not let the users create a profile and pay, unlike the desktop version.

Neterra.TV has another November surprise. “No luggage”, the popular Bulgarian show for travels, game has already started. The prizes are two airplane tickets to anywhere in the world. The condition is an annual subscription for “No luggage” shows bought on Neterra.TV before 1st of December, followed by a registration on Everyone, who has complied these conditions, has a chance to win one ticket.