Neterra supports science, education, and talents

The company encourages students with an interest in science, programming, and telecommunications to achieve outstanding results

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The global connectivity and telecom solution provider Neterra supports four causes related to science, education, and talent development.

The company became a sponsor of a web programming school at the Telerik Academy for the academic year 2022-2023; the Faculty of Telecommunications at the Technical University – Sofia; a team of young naturalists for their participation in an international competition; and the Sofia Science Festival.

The goal of Neterra is to encourage young people with interests in science, telecommunications, and programming, to develop their talents and achieve outstanding results.

Students who graduate from Telerik Academy's programming school with the highest grades will be offered an internship opportunity at Neterra.

Graduated with honors from the Department of Telecommunications at the Technical University also receive invitations for internships and work. Two of the masters who graduated this year have been already working in Neterra.

The third cause that the company supports is related to a Bulgarian team of young naturalists. In 2021, they won the gold medals and became the absolute champions of the International Young Naturalists Tournament (IYNT).

Neterra is proud to support them to participate in the prestigious tournament again in 2022. It will be held from August 21 to 28 in Georgia.

By tradition, Neterra is also a partner of the Sofia Science Festival. This year it will take place in Sofia Tech Park on October 8 and 9.

During the event, the company holds three workshops. In the first one, members of the Neterra radio amateur club LZ1KRN show how to operate a radio station and provide equipment for visitors to connect with other radio amateurs around the world.

The second workshop is for cinema. It hosts famous Bulgarian actors, producers, and other specialists from the industry.

The third workshop this year will be with the special participation of the team of naturalists who represented Bulgaria at the international tournament. They will show some of their experiments to the audience.

"We believe that it is important not only to know a lot but also to use what you know. Practical skills give young talents an opportunity to find their successful path in an increasingly technological and dynamic world, and we at Neterra are more than happy to help in this endeavour!" - commented Ventsislav Petrov, Head of Human Resources and Administration at Neterra.