Neterra stopped more than 15 DDoS attacks against a Bulgarian bank

The independent Bulgarian telecom has performed great with DDoS security breach tests conducted by a world-renowned corporation


Neterra stopped more than 15 DDoS attacks of various types and complexity, directed against its client - a large Bulgarian bank – part of an international financial group.

For three hours, the bank's servers were subject to more than 15 DDoS attacks such as Volume Based Attacks, Protocol Attacks, Application Layer Attacks.

The purpose of these strikes was to affect and block the connection to the Internet, as well as to overload the internal resources of the financial institution's network. Successful breakthroughs would lead to loss of connection with the outside world, deterioration, and shutdown of the bank's internal systems and services.

Neterra's client servers were raided by a world-renowned corporation hired by the bank to conduct tests to breach its DDoS protection. Neterra stopped the attacks successfully, after which both the tester and the respondent expressed satisfaction with the high level of DDoS protection of the Bulgarian telecom.

The bank discussed the test results and decided to trust Neterra again by extending the financial institution's contract for protection against DDoS attacks.

More about Neterra's DDoS protection

Neterra provides reliable and comprehensive protection against DDoS attacks. According to the needs and the nature of the customer traffic, the Bulgarian telecom offers solutions for protection through a cloud platform, specialized hardware equipment, and a combination of both.

The services are designed for both corporate clients (banking and financial institutions, online media, gamers and e-commerce, and any websites), as well as Internet Service Providers.

Neterra protects its clients against DDoS attacks from Layer 3 to Layer 7. The cloud platform can stop attacks larger than 1.8 Tbps, and specialized hardware equipment guarantees no additional latency.