Neterra’s partner, NetIX, globally recognized as “The Best Internet Exchange”

Neterra is NetIX client for more than 6 years now.


We, at Neterra, are very proud of using NetIX services because of the high quality services and stability they provide. Even more, NetIX won the first prize in “The Best Internet Exchange” category for the 14th annual Global Carrier Awards 2018. This year the company was selected as one of the three best Exchange platforms for 2018 among 542 other IXP's worldwide. Given the 20+ years background of the other big exchange platforms, NetIX has been providing its services to the market for less than 6 years. Still, NetIX has the widest network coverage and the biggest number of directly visible peers. The award follows NetIX’s successful business development process achievements – opening 5 new PoPs in 5 different markets, creating 3 new local IXP instances, introducing crypto currency payments, developing new services such as access to transit traffic, direct to cloud (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc.), TV/Audio multicast distribution and DDoS protection.