Neterra launches new functionality for DDoS protection

The company's customers now receive reports with detailed statistics about the prevented attacks against them on a monthly and daily basis


Neterra customers who use the DDoS Attack Protection service now receive notifications and full reports from Neterra's Abnormal Traffic Inspection System. Through the client portal, they can make inquiries on a daily or monthly basis about DDoS attacks launched against them and prevented by Neterra.

Customers can monitor different indicators such as number of attacks per day, their duration (time range), number of targeted IP addresses and how many times each of them has been attacked, the volume of traffic cleaned by malicious elements, type of DDoS attacks, peak traffic speed, etc.

In addition to detailed statistics on each DDoS attack, the reports also include information on the specific section of the network against which it was directed, on the processes for stopping harmful traffic and other measures taken by Neterra.

Neterra's service protects businesses against DDoS attacks that directly affect the company's business. DDoS attacks can be used to cover up data theft, block incoming traffic or completely stop the operation of company websites, online stores, and media, as well as to damage companies' internal systems.

Neterra prevents these threats through various effective solutions - cloud platform, specialized hardware, a combination of both or Smart Blackholing. The services are intended both for corporate clients (banking and financial institutions, online media, electronic games and shops, websites) and for Internet service providers.