Neterra is interconnected in Paris

Bulgarian telecommunications operator Neterra now has an access point in Paris in the Equinix Telehouse Paris 2 data center. Neterra has a policy to build its own network and provide its clients with direct Internet connection without using other international providers.

Paris is one of the key internet exchange points in Europe. More than 400 Internet Service providers exchange Internet traffic between their networks there. The French capital is one of the first points where submarine cables coming from Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean (Africa, Asia and the U.S.) reach. Adding Equinix in Paris to Neterra existing interexchange points (DE-CIX in Frankfurt, LINX in London, AMS-IX in Amsterdam and Ronix and Interlan in Bucharest) helps the company reach now more than 60% direct peering connections within its total IP traffic. This includes direct links toward more than 1200 networks, among which are Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube, Myspace, etc.