Jasmina Marinova: Neterra inspires talent

The 2019 Competing for Talents Forum presented strategies of the most successfully employer-branded Bulgarian companies


"Striving to share new knowledge, experience and hobbies; informal communication and direct access to every level of the organization; the colorful, bold and friendly office atmosphere, as well as the team spirit, are among the main prerequisites for establishing the strong employer brand of Neterra," said Jasmina Marinova, a staff training, and development specialist at Neterra, during the Competing for Talents conference, organized from B2B Media. She also introduced the Neterra Academy project, which motivates the employees to continuously improve their skills and helps them build the competencies needed for each specific position.

Under the motto "New World at Work", this year's forum focused on the most successful Bulgarian companies’ employer branding strategies.

In addition to Neterra Academy, Jasmina also introduced a company management system that encourages teams to work independently, come up with ideas, and identify new market opportunities. According to her, Neterra inspires the talents to work with dedication, love and special attitude, motivating them to think independently, to be responsible, to develop and to contribute with new knowledge and ideas. "We work in small groups. We get clear directions instead of instructions. The people who do the work make the decisions. We learn every day, synergize knowledge and skills and build on every idea," added Jasmina.