Ivan Doikov: "Neterra.TV+ replaces the former video rental stores"

People rent or buy Bulgarian content online from the platform and watch the latest movies at home


"World technology has made it possible to watch movies on your TV at home. In today's world, this is nothing new - we all know which are the most successful projects. There are no such in Bulgaria, except Neterra.TV+", said Maya Kalcheva, marketing director of Neterra.TV, in an interview for the show "Darik Coffee" on Darik radio.

Neterra.TV+ project started 2 years ago with the idea to give legal access of all Bulgarians to the latest and most wanted Bulgarian movies, series, cultural events, and much more. Unlike Neterra.TV - the platform that provides access to Bulgarians abroad to Bulgarian television for 15 years, the content in Neterra.TV+ is available from Bulgaria and from all over the world.

The catalog of hit movies and the variety of formats and events on the platform is constantly growing. The renowned Bulgarian producer Ivan Doikov takes care of it at his role as a director of "Licenses and Content" at Neterra.TV+. In the coming months he and Neterra.TV+ team are going to enrich the library with international movies as well.

Ivan describes how easily people can watch their chosen content on Neterra.TV +: "The platform works on the principle of the former video rental stores - you either rent or buy the content you have chosen. You have the opportunity to rent it for up to 48 hours, so you can watch it, or buy it and own it", added Ivan Doikov.

There is no fee for using the platform. People only watch when and what they want and pay just for that particular content.

Watch (in Bulgarian) the whole interview of Maya and Ivan for Darik Radio!