Ivan Doikov and Emil Stoynovski with an interview for InFlight Magazine

Interest in quality Bulgarian films may surpass that in Star Wars


The situation in the last year has allowed the emergence of platforms that provide online access to audiovisual content. Neterra created Neterra.TV +, which provides access to legal Bulgarian content - movies, concerts, all kinds of lifestyle events, festivals.

Having such a space is a very important step towards regulating the market - in order to have a real fight against piracy in Bulgaria, the audience must first be able to legally consume the content they are interested in.
Emil Stoynovski, Product Manager of Neterra.TV, and Ivan Doikov, Producer and Director of Licenses and Content at Neterra.TV + spoke on these topics in an interview with Bulgaria’s ON AIR InFlight Magazine.

"Neterra.TV + is a platform with unique content, whose focus is no longer only on Bulgarians abroad, but also on Bulgaria. The scale of the business is large. "After the launch of Neterra.TV +, we notice that Europe and North America are developing as major markets," said Emil Stoynovski.

"We have focused on developing niches for Bulgarian content, because the interest that Bulgarians have in such content may surpass their interest in Star Wars. Back in time, the result of the Bulgarian movie "Mission London" was the reason why all major televisions in our country began to invest in series. We overtook Avatar in the local market, which I don't think has happened anywhere else in the world. Even today, when a quality Bulgarian production is released in Bulgaria, it fights side by side with the big international titles ", added Ivan Doikov.

According to him, successful Bulgarian productions are distinguished by the fact that they rely on stories with international potential. "Crime drama is equally interesting everywhere, while comedy is something specific - people around the world laugh at different things."

Emil Stoynovski talks about the different ways for content authors to be fairly rewarded for their work. One of the channels is digital advertising. "It brings a more immediate result for the companies. It is clearer, visible and measurable. Neterra is one of the few partners of Google for Bulgaria for video ads from around the world”.

You can read the whole interview here (in Bulgarian).