George Szlosarek joins the Board of Neterra and its affiliated companies

He will be sharing his expertise to help NetIX achieve greater results


George Szlosarek, a founder and long-time CEO of the international telecom operator Epsilon Telecommunications, has joined the board of directors of Neterra and its affiliates. He joins as a non-executive director where he will assist in setting policy and planning but without participating in day-to-day management.

George was excited and highly motivated to join Neterra …... “I see great potential: a talented team of individuals, interesting set of products, a global footprint, with a desire to grow, succeed and make a difference! Having experienced rapid growth and development in the global markets, I look forward to sharing and supporting the teams to achieve their full potential and get the Neterra and NetIX brands well-established internationally.”

George Szlosarek is well-recognised in the telecom industry; for the past 17 years, he has held the positions of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Operating Officer for Sales and Marketing (COO), and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Epsilon Telecommunications.

He was born, raised, and studied in the UK. His telecommunication career made him a citizen of the world and for the past 20 years, he has lived in continental Europe and Asia and has now settled in Singapore. Highly outdoorsy, George enjoys sports such as cycling, hiking, golf, and loves long walks with his dog, spending time with his family, and plenty of reading.

Telecoms is a real passion for him, and is inspired by how this industry connects people and enables companies to continue to operate normally even in situations such as the Coronavirus lockdown.

"We are very happy that George is joining us. From the first days together, he helped us start to achieve better results in our work," said Neven Dilkov, founder and CEO of Neterra.