Expereo chooses Bulgarian telco Neterra as a regional partner for providing global Ethernet connectivity

Neterra has offered Ethernet services for several years throughout Bulgaria. Currently, its range goes beyond Bulgaria extending throughout the Balkans region (Turkey, Greece, Macedonia) and Caucuses region (Georgia and Armenia). Neterra's experience in providing high quality and reliability made it a likely choice of the Netherlands based telecommunications company Expereo International as a regional partner in support of it's Global Ethernet connectivity service, which is designed for telecommunications operators as well as multinational corporations and national corporate customers requiring point-to-point global connectivity services.

This key partnership offers Ethernet connectivity with speeds below 10 Mbps and up to 1 Gbps.  

"As Expereo International continues to grow its global portfolio, Neterra was a logical choice in both the Balkan and Caucuses regions. Expereo International was most impressed with the network offering of Neterra, as well as the quality of service of that network afforded Expereo International", said, Myles "Gene" Kearon, Director of Carrier Relations for Expereo. "We are looking forward to growing with Neterra as the market grows and evolves, but most importantly, meeting the world class expectations of our customers."

Neterra's Ethernet service can be provided either protected or unprotected within the company's network. The professionalism of Neterra's engineers from the Network Operations Center, working on worldwide established telecommunications standards and acknowledged by many world renown telecom partners, contribute to a high level of quality of service, with guaranteed standards and parameters.