Angel Gurov from Neterra with participation in Career Show Tech

Representatives of the Bulgarian Telecom will meet with job candidates


Angel Gyurov, Chief Operating Officer of Neterra's Product Development Department, is one of the speakers in the Career Show Tech. His presentation starts at 11.30 on 19 May. The event will take place on May 19 and 20 entirely online. Over 50 leading companies will meet with more than 2,000 IT specialists from Bulgaria and Europe.

In addition to the opportunity to meet with employers, the event also provides an interactive and useful program with lectures and discussions, part of which is the participation of Angel Gyurov. The format of the event will allow participants to hold pre-arranged online meetings on a specially developed platform.

As a professional in his field, Angel Gyurov will present the topic How to use Lean methodology in business development. In today's business world, lean, scrum, design thinking are among the modern words. In Angel’s session you will learn why it is important not only to speak about them but to implement them in our daily work and how this will help organizations to improve efficiency and succeed.

The future of cryptocurrencies, video game programming, training of our brains to work more efficiently are some of the other topics that will be discussed during the event.

In addition to attending the lectures, the participants in the event, who are looking for realization in the IT field, can hold personal video meetings with representatives of Neterra from the departments of Human Resources, Software Solutions and Marketing.

A special matchmaking technology with detailed filters will allow the selection and meetings to be organized in the fastest and most efficient way. Registration for the event is free, but mandatory at

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