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Will I be able to work from the hut? If I don’t have any phone signal – can I use your Wi-Fi? - These are among some the most asked questions from the hut’s tourists over the last two years to Pavel and Mihail, the owners of the Malka Yurta hut.

However, since deploying Neterra's satellite access service, the answers to these questions are now – “yes, sure, you are welcome to” without hesitation!

The service

The Client

Malka Yurta Hut is a paradise for relaxation at the foot of Rila Mountain. The place is a favorite with hundreds of avid mountaineers and mainly attracts young and active people who combine winter sports with tranquility and solitude.

If there is one thing that visitors lacked, it was stable mobile signal and internet. Until now.

The challenges

The challenges


With remote working becoming increasingly popular among employees working in big cities, mountain places are a preferred choice. At the same time, Malka Yurta Hut lags in terms of connectivity. The hut is in a remote location without internet access nor mobile signal. 

Luckily, Neven Dilkov, CEO of Neterra, is also an avid mountaineer and often stops by the hut with his family. Recently, Plamen, who has run the hut for years, said the hut couldn't gain stable internet access in standard ways due to the specifics of its location. Mobile operators and other internet providers have their reasons for failing to meet such requests. Unaware that he was talking to the man who did the impossible to bring the Internet to Bulgaria 25 years ago, Plamen was one step closer to solving his problem. 

The Solution

As a leading global connectivity and telecommunications solutions provider, Neterra delivers My Satellite Tooway Konnect service. It guarantees 100% coverage even in the most remote and sparsely populated areas.

Neterra's satellite internet is designed specifically for such places where there is no terrestrial infrastructure, and mobile internet is slow and unstable. All this makes the service unique in Bulgaria. "The professionalism with which Neterra's team approaches the planning and implementation of the project is an 'added nice bonus,' Plamen said. 
The equipment required is compact and easy to install and configure without the need for a technical team visit. This makes the service even more accessible and a preferred choice for people like Mikhail and Plamen who develop their business in remote locations, far from developed infrastructure. 
After installing the equipment, surfing the Internet became easy and convenient, without signal interruption and deterioration. An additional advantage is that Neterra provides a choice of plan according to the needs and budget of each client, whether internet is needed for home or business. Thus, the service is a popular solution both for personal needs and for the development of businesses such as Malka Yurta Hut and hundreds of similar other remote tourist sites, as well as photovoltaic power plants, agricultural producers, and others. 
GB - Volume booster - when the basic quota of gigabytes is exhausted at the maximum possible speed, additional (so-called boosters) may be required. This capability is key for customers who run businesses in such remote and inaccessible areas as it allows for quick response and flexibility under heavier workloads. 
Users of the service can choose between connecting to the Internet by paying for access by debit or credit card or by purchasing an on-site access card. 
Everything about the Satellite Internet service from Neterra HERE 

The result

The hut has become one of the favorite places for outdoor working in nature. The owners, Mikhail and Plamen, can now safely rely on the Internet to develop their business - data processing of tourists at check-in, online reservations, card payments, online ordering of goods and more. 

The result

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Sattelite Internet from Neterra | The case with Little Yurt Hut

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