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Will I be able to work from the hut? If I don’t have any phone signal – can I use your Wi-Fi? - These are among some the most asked questions from the hut’s tourists over the last two years to Pavel and Mihail, the owners of the Malka Yurta hut.

However, since deploying Neterra's satellite access service, the answers to these questions are now – “yes, sure, you are welcome to” without hesitation!

The service

The Client

Malka Yurta Hut is a paradise for relaxation at the foot of Rila Mountain. The place is a favorite with hundreds of avid mountaineers and mainly attracts young and active people who combine winter sports with tranquility and solitude.

If there is one thing that visitors lacked, it was stable mobile signal and internet. Until now.

The challenges

The challenges


  • The hut is in a remote place in the mountains

  • There is no cable infrastructure near the site

  • On the spot mobile range is very limited

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